The sparrow hit the most strong Luyi Zhang incarnation circle powder villain (video)

"The sparrow" hit "the most strong Luyi Zhang incarnation circle powder villain" sparrow _04 > > > click on the video to watch "sparrow" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news the most burning spy war drama "sparrow" in September 5th in Hunan satellite TV broadcasting, immediately become the ratings and the topic in the explosion of the ratings, the network broadcast the amount of online heat topic are high. In the play, the strength of the actor Wang puppet headquarters chief agent Luyi Zhang incarnation of Bi Zhongliang, the acting play, strong release villain magic, harvest praise of many media and the audience, which is called "the circle of powder villain". Zhang Luyi "sparrow" aura, powerful magic in the release of the villain "sparrow", Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi and Li Xiaoran have the strongest gexianshenshou incarnation of agents. Burning brain drama, all the actors wonderful performance for the show was launched on the show hot drama style, attracted numerous audience. As the acting play, Zhang Luyi in the play just one appearance abnormal suction eye, big back head clear, cold face, sharp eyes hide 100001000 thoughts, cigarette smoke, more make the character full of mystery. At the beginning of a series of trial, the Xifen Li Xiaoran, dressed in a casual Bi Zhongliang opponent with attitude between palm shares, or to bring him a match, or the end of the cup, wanton evil, let many people love and fear. But Li Yifeng forced a play shot, it is full of tension, because the "shoot" the brothers have heart faint worry, doubt, have found eager sparrow identity, let the audience for their acting with great admiration. Have the authority of the media wrote in the comments of Zhang Luyi in the "sparrow" in the show: "Zhang Luyi play spy war drama, the audience is not strange. "Red" in the "fish" has experienced. "Sparrow", Wang Zhang Luyi’s agent headquarters chief Bi Zhongliang said, "the Buddha said, I do not go into hell, who the hell ‘backwards appearance, a word that the identity of the characters and character. Luyi Zhang lines skills, the neat style coat, suit, fashionable glasses, is reminiscent of "the pretender" in the big city." Warmth and hard place, see isspicy, Bi Zhongliang means the circle how to make the scheming villain powder deep, let a person ", but for the brothers, with hair standing on end" to his wife exudes warmth, and let a person infinite moved. It is the complex characters make the villain ring powder, Luyi Zhang is such a character to move and take the role, he said: "everyone may seem to think Bi Zhongliang would be a particularly bad, but I can see another side of his body, he has a sense of family responsibility, in order to let the family in that turbulent era live safer, live better, so he chose a job. The job is, at the moment, a very wrong position, so he’s got his own end. But he and Chen is deep blood brothers, this role has been among the brotherhood and the position of conflict, to finally forced to face a desperate fight at outrance." Although Bi Zhongliang has become the most screen ring powder villain, but Luyi Zhang has a different interpretation, he said: "the villain is everybody, I think as an actor, you don’t.相关的主题文章: