The State Council to increase the intensity of the proactive fiscal policy PPP or into a wide sorpack

The State Council to increase the active fiscal policy efforts   PPP or "wide Financial Fulcrum" — financial — original title: the State Council to increase the active fiscal policy efforts to PPP or as a "wide Financial Fulcrum" reporter yesterday from was informed that the State Council executive meeting held recently, deployed in key areas and weak links with big short board work strength. Among them, it is proposed to increase the implementation of active fiscal policy. There are institutional analysis that, the space is compressed in the adjustment of monetary policy, fiscal policy has become an important starting point, while the PPP model is expected to become the fulcrum leveraging wide finance. In the two market, and this is also related to the performance of eye-catching plate, which, the overall increase of more than 5% environmental protection plate yesterday. Therefore, if there is a callback, there is an opportunity for the PPP theme. However, investors need to distinguish between true and false PPP stocks. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Zhongan according to the news, the State Council executive meeting pointed out that due to the expansion of domestic demand, can create a good environment for the supply side structural reform, the key to the big short board efforts, both driven by the expansion of effective investment, and increase effective supply, plays an important role in the steady growth, increase stamina, to promote employment, improve people’s livelihood. To seize the current raw material prices for commodities such as low favorable opportunity, increase efforts to implement the proactive fiscal policy, focusing on poverty alleviation, reconstruction and reinforcement of small and medium sized water conservancy, and major infrastructure construction, cultivate new industry new energy and other key areas, focus on institutional reform and innovation, optimize the policy "formula" to lay a portfolio. On the one hand, to accelerate the "13th Five-Year" plan "Outline" to determine the overall, fundamental and strategic focus on major projects, make up the short board, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, to formulate the reasonable implementation plan, expand effective investment. Launched a major construction project rolling investment plan for three years. On the other hand, to further promote reform, better mobilize the enthusiasm of social capital. Continue to deepen decentralization, put the tube combination and Optimization Services Ordinance to amend the list of government approved investment projects and enterprise investment project approval and record management. In addition to cross regional, inter basin, cross-border projects, investment projects approved by the enterprise can be placed on the market and local decentralization. Further liberalization of investment restrictions in the field of infrastructure, education, health care, pension and other livelihood areas of private and public institutions in the market access, social security, etc.. In addition, the innovative financing way to revitalize the overall precipitation funds. Play the role of government investment guidance, in accordance with the market-oriented operation and sustainable requirements on poverty alleviation relocation as the focus of scientific and rational use of special construction funds, such as the increase of water conservancy and weak links, the city flood facilities construction investment in the central budget. Focus on the use of government and social capital cooperation model, and then focus on the community to promote a number of cash flow, there is a stable return expectations of the project. To promote the central enterprises to increase investment in rural areas of the grid, telecommunications infrastructure and other short board. Investment advice: PPP stocks GF Securities analyst Liao Ling pointed out that the high-level meeting at the end of July this year to determine the basic second half width)相关的主题文章: