The swindler also swindled a woman in Changsha with old routines to cheat 170 thousand (video)-mmhouse

Who used "old" fraud Changsha a woman cheated 170 thousand original title: old "security accounts" to deceive her 170 thousand police again, received in any name required to provide bank account of the phone, do not believe, do not ignore, do not transfer "I don’t know myself turned out money." Changsha citizen Zhao Ting (pseudonym) said that when she went to the bank to collect the flow bill, she found that more than 17 million yuan had been transferred. In September 21st, Zhao Ting received a call to remind her whether the information was impersonate, and then he helped to transfer the phone to the "Shanghai public security organ". "She told the Shanghai public security organs" inquiry, her bank card worth 2 million 580 thousand yuan for a transnational telecommunications fraud, let her pay 200 thousand yuan deposit to the security account, otherwise it will catch her. Then, she borrowed money from her relatives to exist in her own bank card, and she had not remitted a "security account", and more than 17 million yuan was transferred to her card. At this point, she realized that she was deceived. "Chen police officer" said that she was "wanted" in September 21st, 24 year old Zhao Ting received a phone call from the office of a express company in Shanghai. "Say I have a package, two times no sign." Zhao Ting recalls, the express company staff attitude is very good, said that it has two times not signed, recordings, specifically to call her to verify. At that time she denied that there was a express, but the other’s identity information was in line with her. Zhao Ting said, the other side saw her again denial, not only to comfort herself, but also to raise doubts: "is personal information used by others?" Subsequently, the other party suggested Zhao Ting to call the police, and said that it could be directly transferred to the Shanghai public security organ. Zhao Ting said, after the call forwarding, claiming a police officer surnamed Chen (referred to as "officer Chen") the man did not rush to understand the case, but to remind Zhao Ting to call 114, check the office phone, and then follow-up treatment. "At that time I played 114, and confirmed that the telephone was the office phone of the police in Shanghai." At first, Zhao Ting said, she had doubts, but the other person offered to make sure that she had to check and then discuss it. Then, in the communication with "Chen police officer", the other party said a message, let her into a greater panic. "He said I suspected a value of 2 million 580 thousand yuan of transnational telecommunications fraud." Zhao Ting said, "officer Chen" appease himself while verifying his personal information and reminding her to log in to a national website. On the website, Zhao Ting found herself on the "wanted" list and had her photos and identity information on it. Then, "officer Chen" asked her if she had a credit card from the Bank of communications in Shanghai, all of her misgivings. "I happened to get a card from the Bank of communications in Shanghai last year. How did he know that?" Zhao Ting said the other told her that it was the bank card that was suspected of committing a crime. Because the other person knows his or her information well and has the arrest warrant, she wants to cooperate with the police and investigate her property information faithfully. "Public security" requires secrecy and pay a deposit. "He said he must keep it confidential and can’t let anyone know." Zhao Ting told reporters that, on the afternoon of 21, she and "Chen police officer" kept a few hours of conversation, in accordance with the requirements of the other side, in the hotel near the company opened a room. And under the guidance of the other, a series of operations are carried out on the Internet. "I’m afraid." Zhao Ting said he was a good girl at home. Although he has worked now, it is basically two points. Besides working overtime, there is not much contact with the outside world. Chen police officer told her that if we cooperate with the investigation, we will pay 200 thousand yuan deposit to the designated "safety account" as required, or we can handle bail pending trial without affecting the normal life. Zhao Ting said, "he also said that if you do not do what they say, I want to catch me, I do not want to let the family worry." Zhao Ting didn’t tell the family about it on the morning of the 22 day. She went to the hotel before opening the house and asked for an investigation. "I don’t have so much money, and I lie to my sister and brother, saying that I want to make a good performance and let them turn some money to my Cary first." Zhao Ting said, in order to rush to deal with the bail pending procedure, she borrowed 160 thousand yuan from her elder brother and her sister, said they would give it back to them on the second day, and the elder sister also appropriated the company’s public funds for this purpose. On the night of 22, Zhao Ting went to the bank to collect the water bill, and found that the money on the card included his brother and sister. The total of more than 17 million yuan was transferred. Zhao Ting said, what puzzled her is that in addition to running her account on the Internet, she did not operate on the bank or ATM machine, nor did she tell her the password of the other bank card, why her own money was missing. However, Zhao Ting also acknowledged that, 21, 22, the other side sent a number of links or verification code, she uniform according to the other requirements in the online operation. On the afternoon of the 26 day, the reporter learned that Zhao Ting was deceived and the police have been investigating. The police again reminded the public that they had received calls from any name to provide bank accounts, verify passwords or transfer accounts to the so-called "safe account" in any name. Please hang up immediately, do not believe, ignore or transfer accounts. In the event of telecommunications fraud, the first time to call 110 or 96110 lines to the police. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wu Hejian) video recommendation: Telecom fraud! The old lady was cheated 200 thousand of the pension money

骗子又用“老套路”诈骗 长沙一女子被骗17万原标题:老套路的“安全账户”骗了她17万 警方再次提醒,接到以任何名义要求提供银行账号的电话,不相信、不理睬、不转账“我自己都不知道转了钱出去。”长沙市民赵婷(化名)说,她去银行调取流水账单时,发现自己的17万余元存款全部被转移。9月21日,赵婷接到一个电话,对方提醒她是不是信息被人冒用了,随后帮忙把电话转接到“上海公安机关”。“上海公安机关”查询后告诉她,她的银行卡涉嫌一个案值258万元的跨国电信诈骗案,让她向“安全账户”缴纳20万元保证金,否则就抓她。 随后,她向自己的亲戚借钱存在自己的银行卡里,还没有汇到“安全账户”,卡上17万余元就被人转走。此时,她才意识到自己被骗了。“陈警官”说她已被“通缉”9月21日,24岁的赵婷在办公室接到一个电话,对方自称是某快递公司上海总部的。“说有我一个包裹,两次没签收。”赵婷回忆,该快递公司工作人员态度非常好,称其有两次未签收、退寄记录,特意打电话向她核实。当时她否认了有快递一说,但对方说的身份信息与她的一致。赵婷称,对方见她再次否认,不仅安慰自己,还提出疑虑:“是不是个人信息被别人冒用了?”随后,对方建议赵婷报警,并称可直接转接到上海公安机关。赵婷说,电话转接后,一名自称陈姓警官(简称“陈警官”)的男子并未急于了解案情,反而提醒赵婷拨打114,核实其办公电话后,再进行后续处理。“当时我打了114,也证实电话是上海那边公安的办公电话。”赵婷说,最初她也有怀疑,但对方主动让自己先核实再详谈,使她打消了疑虑。接下来,在与“陈警官”的沟通中,对方说的一个信息,让她陷入了更大的恐慌。“他说我涉嫌一个案值258万元的跨国电信诈骗案。”赵婷说,“陈警官”一边安抚自己,一边核实自己的个人信息,并提醒她登录某国家级网站查询。在该网站上,赵婷发现自己在被“通缉”名单中,而且上面有她的照片和身份信息。随后,“陈警官”问她是不是有一张上海交通银行的信用卡,将她的疑虑全部打消。“我去年正好办了一张上海交通银行的卡,他怎么知道?”赵婷说,对方告诉她,正是这张银行卡涉嫌犯罪。由于对方对自己的信息了如指掌,而且有“通缉令”,她就想着尽量“配合警方”调查,并如实交代了自己的财产信息。“公安”要求保密并缴纳保证金“他说一定要保密,不能让任何人知道。”赵婷告诉记者,21日下午,她与“陈警官”保持了几个小时的通话,按照对方要求,在公司附近宾馆开了一间房。并在对方指导下,在网上进行了一系列操作。“我就是害怕。”赵婷说,自己在家是个乖乖女,虽然现在已经工作了,但基本还是两点一线,除了在公司加班,与外界接触的并不多。“陈警官”告诉她,只要配合调查,按要求向指定“安全账户”缴纳20万元保证金,还是可以办理“取保候审”,且不影响正常生活。赵婷说,“他还说要是不按他们说的去办,就要抓我,我不想让家里人担心。”22日清晨,一夜未睡的赵婷也没把此事告诉家人,她先到公司请了假后,再次来到之前开房的宾馆,“接受调查”。“我没有那么多钱,就向姐姐、哥哥撒谎,说要充业绩,让他们先转点钱到我的卡里。”赵婷说,为急于办理“取保候审”手续,她向哥哥和姐姐借了16万元,说第二天就还给他们,姐姐为此还挪用了公司的公款。22日晚,赵婷去银行调取流水账单,发现卡上的包括哥哥、姐姐转来的钱在内,合计17万余元被全部转走。赵婷说,令她疑惑的是,她除了在网上操作自己的账号,并未去银行或ATM机上操作,也没有告之对方银行卡密码,为何自己卡里的钱却不翼而飞了。不过,赵婷也承认,21日、22日,对方发过来的一些链接或验证码,她均一一按对方要求在网上操作过。26日下午,记者了解到,赵婷被骗一事,警方已立案侦查。警方再次提醒,市民接到以任何名义打来要求提供银行账号、验证密码或转账到所谓“安全账户”的电话,请立即挂断,做到不相信、不理睬、不转账。遇到电信诈骗,第一时间拨打110或96110专线报警。(潇湘晨报 记者 吴和健)视频推荐: 电信诈骗! 老太太被骗20万养老钱相关的主题文章: