The T card must declare it to Trump really are not half dime! – Sohu to eat and drink ca1806

T card | must declare it to Trump really are not half dime! Sohu and beer of original content, please indicate the source since Trump won the election, all public media began crazy reports, and my colleagues also urged me to launch a Trump brand beer, to commemorate this great moment. My fucking pressure Hilary will win, so a lot of buying dollars, but now you also let me in a complete mess, Trump to celebrate, but also push Trump beer, there is no human nature?! I am not a fairy! Later, Wuli Haiping came to my rescue, took a bottle of whisky as the same wine to see you in front of me. — this is not like the year of Trump that sell vodka. Trump sell "V slag hand" Haiping T is a brand of beer Shitao, bright red letters on T as the red scarf was titanium alloy The brightness dazzles the eyes., my eyes are blind. Even the president of the United States can not be pushed out of the slag, you used to compare with my best-selling Scotland brand T, you sure you are not scolding it? I began to talk about relations in the T brand and T brand beer brewery story before I have to declare it no half dime with Trump! Unlike other beer brands, T beer and its brewing Wellpark brewery were not born at the same time. Wellpark winery was known as the Drygate brewery, 1740, Hugh and Robert Tennent in the Drygate bridge in creation of this winery, position it will be in Glasgow near the famous cathedral. However, strictly speaking, as early as in 1556 this place has started brewing, from this time to count, he should be in the region of Glasgow is still operating the oldest commercial enterprises. Tennent Wellpark brewery, near the Glasgow cemetery, is behind the Bluevale and Whitevale on the Wellpark | tower and Celtic Park brewery history, is almost a microcosm of the history of family change — Hugh Tennent’s two sons John and Robert inherited the family business in 1769, Tennent began to start acquisition in the vicinity of the William McLehose brewery, and then this piece covers an area of 5 acres (about 20 thousand square) land was renamed Wellpark winery. The company initially made for export Shitao and spirits of Eyre, to the middle of the nineteenth Century, JR Tennent is already the world’s largest exporter of bottled beer. In 1826, paid half effort for the Robert· Tennent John Tennent winery; died, also died on 1827, Hugh Tennent (Robert’s eldest son, please don’t be confused with the founder) inherited the enterprise control sale相关的主题文章: