The thirty-third hundred flowers award winners sun burning heart was the best film-1256789

The thirty-third hundred flowers award winners "sun burning heart" was the best film Tencent entertainment news twenty-fifth Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers closing ceremony held in Tangshan in September 24th. Had received six nominations for "catch demon" makes Cao Baoping’s "sun burning heart" won best film and best screenplay award, becoming the biggest winner of the night. The movie "old gun" and "dragon tactic" is the two award: ur good and Yang Yingping "dragon tactic" won best director and best supporting actress award, the Angela Baby on the way thanks to Mr. Huang Xiaoming’s company; Xu Qing and Li Yifeng with "old gun" won the best actress and the best supporting actor award, "this is the first film awards little meat Li Yifeng. The best actor award was "Wolf Totem" starring William Feng income bag. William Feng, Xu Qing, Li Yifeng, Feng Di, Angela Baby won the best supporting actor for the following list of winners: Best Film: "sun burning heart" best director: ur good "dragon tactic" best actor: William Feng "Wolf Totem" Best Actress: Xu Qing "old gun" Best Screenplay: "sun burning heart", Cao Baoping coke China Best Supporting Actor: Li Yifeng "old gun" Best Supporting Actress: Angela Baby "dragon tactic" Best Newcomer Award: Zhuang Xiaolong "wolf"相关的主题文章: