The two child family residents to community 3000 margin 16 years back end bleep

The two child family residents to community: 3000 margin 16 years back end China Shangluo daily news (reporter Ceng Chun) for second children on the account, by the community must pay 3000 yuan deposit, was told "this 3000 yuan deposit in your wife after IUD to return 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan of her back the remaining 48 year after fertility." This let Luonan County Street South Ditch community Sihao Mr. Wang difficult to understand. > > margin residents have to wait 16 years to retire after the 33 year old Mr. Wang in June this year ushered in his second children, 32 year old wife in June 13 gave birth to a boy, then he took account of the marriage certificate, birth certificate, to the County Public Security Bureau police station to the child Sihao hukou, told in the community on application signed and sealed. "I went to the community, a female staff member said to pay 3000 yuan deposit to cover my son." Yesterday, Mr. Wang told the China Daily reporter, the staff said that the deposit can be returned, and his wife on the birth control ring back 2000 yuan, to the age of 48, and then returned to the remaining $1000. On the birth control ring, as well as 1000 yuan deposit to wait for 16 years to retire, it is unreasonable!" > > community security deposit is to prevent children yesterday morning, South Ditch community party branch secretary Zhang admits that the community does have provisions to child parents receive 3000 yuan deposit, the reason to do this is to eliminate the second child family continue to have children, if the violation of family planning policy he will be accountable, "this is the community meeting agreed that more people are also involved in land dividends etc.." Zhang also said he had spoken to the director of the street to do a coke report, with the consent of the director. "I don’t know anything about it." Yesterday afternoon, Luonan County Sihao Street office director jiaomou told China Daily reporter, South Ditch community party branch secretary Zhang never give himself said this, jiaomou said, now on the account and the family planning policy is decoupled to the community if still not used to card residents significantly close margin approach, verified after serious treatment. China Daily reporter from the Shangluo Municipal Health Bureau was informed that the two child policy after the release of the birth of two children, women, health departments will provide contraception to help free, but not mandatory requirements to the IUD, if the regeneration of three children four children are to be dealt with according to law. For Mr. Wang’s experience, the Bureau of the relevant departments responsible person said, this community belongs to chaos money, has been illegal, "a few years ago, health departments of illegal acts by the family planning policy close margin cleaned." It is understood that the provisions of the new household registration policy, on account of only the newborn’s birth certificate and parents marriage certificate, account of this, but in actual operation, the district police station will ask the parents in the family application by village (community) of the agreement and sealed. Shangluo, a local police station household police told the China Daily reporter, if the account is not approved by the village (community), they are likely not to recognize the newborn account, the future will cause trouble to their families. (China Daily)相关的主题文章: