The US report says there is a huge room for growth in bilateral investment

The report said the Sino US bilateral investment has a huge growth space – Beijing, China News Agency, Washington, November 14 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yuran) the National Committee on us China relations and Rongding consulting agency local 14 in Washington issued a joint called "double lines: bilateral direct investment 25 years" panorama reported that China and the U.S. bilateral investment has a huge growth space, investment activities from saturation for Shi Shangyuan. This report describes the scale, pattern and industry from 1990 to 2015, bilateral direct investment details, to provide a better transparency of bilateral direct investment flows, and provide suggestions for policy makers. Report of the United States nearly 6700 pens in the Chinese direct investment transactions, the cumulative amount of $228 billion, more than 71% of American direct investment in China amounted to greenfield investment, the report found that U.S. investment in China reached a peak in 2008, then was essentially flat since 2012 showed the downward trend. The report said that in recent years, Chinese enterprises has reached a high level in foreign direct investment within a short period of time, enterprises mainly through acquisitions rather than greenfield investment way to enter the American market activities are increasingly driven by private enterprises. Overall, the total direct investment in China is four times Chinese investment in the U.S. stock is however in recent years the flow, this trend is reversed, 2015 Chinese direct investment flow of beauty is beyond the year of American direct investment in china. The report recommends that the two sides need to take into account each other’s internal timing in the formulation of the bilateral agenda, bilateral investment agenda may require more top-level attention, so as to continue to promote negotiations. Former Morgan Stanley executives Wei Shihua (John Wadsworth) said in a report on the seminar, he hoped that the new administration will continue to promote the Sino US bilateral investment treaty negotiations, promote agreement and effect. Orlins, chairman of the National Committee on U.S. – China Relations (Stephen Orlins) believes that the Sino US bilateral investment agreement is a good agreement, will bring a win-win situation for the two countries". American corporate investment can help Chinese increase employment and stimulate innovation, China business investment in the United States will also increase U.S. employment, suggested the two sides to show greater transparency in future negotiations, let the market more clearly understand what the industry will benefit. Rong Ding consulting economist Hanemann (Thilo) is expected, if China and the United States finally reached a bilateral investment agreement, the United States and other industries will benefit from the financial and automotive industries. Ji Ruida, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (Kenneth Jarrett), said the bilateral investment agreement is very attractive to U.S. companies. Relatively speaking, the U.S. investment environment is more open than China, in order to reach an agreement, China needs to do more work around the open. (end)相关的主题文章: