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The well-known host "beetle" in Yantai to participate in charitable activities with children read classics (Figure) – Beijing "beetle" Liu Chunyan and the children dance together. Yantai, September, 20 (reporter Yang Bing), with the students to read a book, in the heart very happy, I hope the students can enjoy reading, improve their reading ability." The well-known host "beetle" Liu Chunyan in 20 held "reading to their children – into the Yantai campaign says. "Reading to their children – into the Yantai campaign in Yantai on 20 Chongwen school held" beetle "Liu Chunyan as the ambassador and the activities of the public school more than 80 students read the" Youth "," reading "," light of life I am proud, I am Chinese "and other literary works. "Beetle" Liu Chunyan stand in the middle of the floor, with feeling and the children read the text together, and reading skills as they teach. Children with "beetle" interactive games, dance together. "Beetle", for the children to do something very happy, hope love reading children can grow up and she co hosting the program. "More than 80 students in the Scarab" Liu Chunyan as the activities of the public and the school together with the reading ambassador. It is reported that Yang Bing photo, "reading to their children" campaign launched by China Radio International MIA cow studio, is for elementary public welfare activities, designed to help Chinese basic education, promote the international spread of chinese. At present, Fang Ming, Bao Guoan, more than 60 well-known broadcasters and language artists to participate in reading. The event has been in Heilongjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Beijing, Xinjiang, Gansu and other places of the school, the community of caring people have donated about 500000 yuan of materials for the project, and for all the school teaching work. The reading for the children – into Yantai, the activities also donated a large number of stationery, equipment, etc., Yantai Chongwen school. Song Shaoguang, President of Chongwen school, said the school a lot of students from the more difficult economic conditions of migrant workers families, these donations of love for children to learn a great help. "Beetle" Liu Chunyan for the children. Yang Bing photo the event organized by the Communist Youth League Yantai Committee, Yantai daily media group, Yantai Yi Education Foundation, Beijing, Yantai changqingshu beetle club Yantai book club, Chongwen school and other units. (end)相关的主题文章: