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The wind scattered haze tonight can enjoy "super moon" – Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Liu Huan) yesterday, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a gale warning signal blue, affected by cold air, is expected this morning to the city during the day there will be 4 northerly winds, gusts of up to six or seven, occupy head haze will completely disappear and this also provides the best conditions for meteorological observation will show up tonight "super moon". Yesterday morning, the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory lifted yellow fog warning, but the haze yellow warning continues. From the beginning of the afternoon, the diffusion conditions gradually turned worse and the visibility decreased. By 16, the majority of urban visibility in the area of about 2 to 6 km. Temperature, minimum temperature of Yanqing station at 5:46 yesterday, the lowest temperature is 6.7 DEG C, than the previous day in the morning is higher than 6.1 DEG C, but due to more cloud in the sky, so yesterday the temperature rise slowly, Yanqing station maximum temperature of 9.8 degrees. Affected by the ground pressure convergence zone and humidity increases, the nocturnal diffusion conditions deteriorate, fog and haze, visibility will gradually deteriorate, people go to good health protection, a friend drove to Caution! Hidden low visibility caused by driving the car to keep away from the car, pay attention to traffic safety. Start this morning, there will be a cold air coming with northerly winds increasing, the diffusion conditions will be improved, and this morning, Beijing can field imposition haze process throughout the weekend goodbye. Weather experts predict that today there will be about 4 northerly winds, gusts of up to six or seven, which also created the conditions for citizens to enjoy a rare astronomical phenomena. Today 21:52, the night sky will usher in the super moon". This is the closest to earth since twenty-first Century, a full moon, it will look 14% times larger than usual, bright 30%. Miss this opportunity, want to wait until 2034. The super moon refers to the moon from earth near the state, is a full moon (or lunar crescent) near point occurred simultaneously with the near month. But the wind will bring the cool night is expected today only in the minimum temperature of -2 degrees Celsius, residents need to pay attention to warm. Sadly, the cold air today didn’t really put the haze blow off, tomorrow, a new process and will be ready to fog and haze, and the expected diffusion conditions this week’s poor overall, haze duration may be longer, and the daily increase. Experts remind the general public, in order to protect their own health, please pay attention to the latest changes in the weather of the city, good anti haze preparation in advance.   相关的主题文章: