The women to cheat about 200000 beauty photos for most of a reward network

The women to cheat about 200000 beauty photos for most reward network male anchor graph is the suspect surname Wang himself (left) and its form beauty photo (right). Online chat for more than a year, but also quite emotional, the little girl is also quite good, cheated 30 thousand yuan do not, I do not pursue it? The police station, the victim of the crime of fraud in the speech of mr.. A liar…… A liar……" Just 10 minutes later, when Mr. Zhang to see the suspect Moumou fraud, attitude immediately to a 180 degree turn, requiring the police to investigate and punish suspects. Mr. Zhang’s head on the phone is a beautiful and dignified beauty, and the eyes of Wang Moumou head is not high, dark, slightly fat body, is a plain rural women. Over the past year, the suspect Wang Moumou apply network beauty head and forwarding the beauty of life, at the same time with 6 men online exchanges, in order to pretend to get married in the form of fraud income of more than $20. Police investigators are even more surprising is that this family is not wealthy rural women have a special liking for the male anchor on the network broadcast platform, most of the proceeds of the fraud squandered to the network to play in reward. Japanese man cheated to Dan "marry" I came to Dandong to marry his girlfriend, now lost, is what happened." In May 20th this year, Japanese Chinese man Chen panic and ran into the Public Security Bureau police station Dong Xing gold to the police for help, hoping to help find a florist in the street a woman named "Li Fei" young woman. Chen said, just a few hours ago, he just got off the plane, but also with his girlfriend by telephone, agreed to meet at the railway station. And he just arrived in Dandong, his girlfriend’s two phones all shut down, the information does not return. "Dandong city found no such person, the woman is not the florist street." Xing East police station deputy director Xu Zheng told reporters at the time, with many years of experience in handling cases, he immediately suspected that this is very likely Pianhun fraud. "You two video chat before? Is this person?" asked the police after the Japanese man Chen was silent for a long time, then said firmly, "she will never be a liar." Chen said he was far away in Japan, China’s girlfriend said the home network signal is not good, so there has been no video chat. But there are a lot of her friends in the circle of life, he can feel his girlfriend is an honest girl. After 10 days, "Li Fei’s phone has been turned off, Chen then doubts, but he came to the police station filing, still fiddling with half believe and half doubt, mobile phone, call his girlfriend expectations. A year for his wife eager three victims cheated according to Japanese man Chen, he was born in a remote rural Heilongjiang, Japan to work more than 10 years ago, and later won the Japanese nationality. Because in Japan, unaccompanied, and cultural level is not high, while working in a cement factory excluded people everywhere, life is very depressed. In June 2015, he joined the Dandong Moumou home chat group, in the group met a 28 year old claiming to be "Li Fei" beautiful woman. "Every day greetings, but also on the phone, she gave me the impression that a good, thoughtful good girl." Chen said that soon they will determine the two lovers, and agreed to come to Dandong in June this year.相关的主题文章: