The worst thing about marriage is not poverty!

The worst thing about marriage is not poverty! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: green tea 01 Meimei you choose spouse is an important half a month ago, the small door opened a new Shaanxi cold noodle shop. A pair of 90 young couple, is a look at the suburban children learn a skill to the city to make a living, simple and diligent, the store including rice noodles, cold noodle dish, pancakes, because it is a newly opened shop is very clean, so a few days before the business is very prosperous. Going through, always hear sweet girls to greet the guests, occasionally in the distance can hear the couple jokes, looking past, two faces with a note, holding a card, see pedestrians in amazement, the girl smiled, not to the point of the meal, we play cards. Touch the note on her face, she had a smile bent. Girl, cheerful and lively, the guests are sent money, live her small mouth, sweet, little boy hands quickly, quietly standing at the bar under the rice noodle, regulating cold noodle, cucumber cut wire was thin, the young couple together [micro-blog] a degree of relaxation. Those days, Mr. Li was on a business trip, I was too lazy to cook several times. Just go to the door to hear the girl smiled and said: "the days of smooth sailing, you must ask me to eat well." A pair of raised face playfully. The boy said, "well, whatever it is." "The sample, you cheap." The girl gave him a white eye and saw the guests enter the door and went to work happily. The boy smiled and bowed his head, hand cutting force increased, some stores seem cramped, not a happy house ying. Some people say that this life is very important to choose a spouse, he (she) determines the happiness of your life! In fact, he is also very important, the spouse is good, if you do not cherish, any happiness will not last long! The worst thing about marriage is not poverty! It is important to choose the spouse 02 marriage, marriage to business in Qingyuan before the street there is a flower shop, a variety of flowers spread, most love leisure stroll, the hostess looks gentle and demure, young, male host is humorous, sometimes into the store, the couple have a snack in the head to head, or male the master in the pot for changing soil clean-up, the hostess wipe the bottles and jars, men make fun of the one or two sentence, as she giggled. Look at her face with the wind like, I remember the said, nothing in the world is more than happy to make people beautiful cosmetics. Only after the familiar, when the young woman is very superior conditions, the pursuit of her people better than men, but she firmly believes that their choice. Also because his family and his parents had been struggling, but she insisted that he can bring happiness. She said the first is really poor, no money and crafts, selling fruits and vegetables, decided to open a flower shop, from the most common flower to raise, pushing a tricycle down the street waiting for buyers to rent a storefront, a difficult step by step but no matter how tired cannot bear to think of the past, helpless, man’s body with her jokes no pressure. Later, I moved, but not so frequent相关的主题文章: