The young girl fell in love with the married man eventually married but contradictory peepsamurai

The young girl falls in love with a married man eventually married marriage is contradictory talk: Zhang Qiaoying 30 year old female host: newspaper reporter Liu Na – the very story of an unmarried woman in love with a married man, this is vulgar plot. Later, they finally come together, this is the power of love. But later, their lives began to show a sad look, this is the fate of love, or is life helpless? Listen to the story and answer it. Today, my love has entered the seventh year. Love and sleep at night once the pain is regardless of personal danger, fuel dilution ablation. When eager arms impulse and night relative to stick to the basic necessities of life was also covered up. I can’t help wondering if the love between me and him is wrong, when it’s all over and over and over. He was my first man. Met him when I was just 23 years old, young age, Ningba life, bleak. He is 10 years older than me, is not clear, but also beautiful, gentle eyes showing bitter. Chinese girls are inevitably sentimental, unrealistic and eager to be loved. At that time, I graduated from the Chinese Department of the University, missed the opportunity and no background, can not enter the system, to a car sales company. He is the company’s customers, but also with the company to join forces to do public service, and I butt some planning copy, we get to know. Perhaps the desire for warmth, and perhaps the need for love, a few contacts, I think he looked at me in the eyes of some strange. I have no love, I do not know how to have the discretion to love a person, also do not know how to be loved when defense. Panic, confusion, and, of course, joy. Once after the event, we eat together to drink, I was hopelessly confused. Seeing this, he proposed that the car will drop me. What I didn’t expect was that he didn’t take me back to the rental house, but went straight to the hotel. He is not the ugly people who desire to become dizzy with success. When he arrived at the hotel, he asked me to take a rest. I admit, that moment, I just fall in his trick at large the better to apprehend him cannot extricate themselves. With love then contact more. Talking on the Internet, eating in reality, he was a gentleman and restraint. I guess it’s because he has a family. Again, he sent me back, the car stopped, two people are silent. I do not go, he will not speak, but the hearts of each other and who have Ten thousand steeds gallop. "Take me away." I said in a whisper. He drove the car like crazy and took me to the last hotel. That night, I gave my virginity to him. He shed tears. Since then, we have a common. Don’t talk about the future, but he also ask home, melancholy facial features more and more obvious. There are times, go to the suburbs to eat. After dinner, a walk in the forest, the first time he told me about his wife: she is the only child, is excellent strong, with only 8 years of marriage he had two back home. By the widowed years of mother proud of him, but because his wife doesn’t love the old man, they rarely come to town. After the child was born, he wanted to let his mother take care of his wife does not agree, insisted on looking for a nanny. This alone, it is just. The same strong mother-in-law and father-in-law can’t help disdain upon his sense of superiority, let his heart burst into a dark…… "I am very tired, there are 4 in my heart.相关的主题文章: