There is no heavy rainfall throughout the country during the National Day — the Inner Mongolia chan-xhero

During the national day, there was no heavy rain in the large area. The Inner Mongolia channel, the people’s net newspaper, Beijing September 29 (reporter Wang Hao, Jiangnan and Fang Min) was affected by "catfish". Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi, southern Anhui and southern Jiangsu reduced to heavy rain. Under its influence, Zhejiang Yao River and Qujiang, Feiyun River, Aojiang, Fujian, Minjiang, Xi Mulanxi downstream tributary dashng and other 26 small rivers flood happened more than the police. By the end of 29, 8, the preliminary statistics of the typhoon "catfish" resulted in a total of 1 million 96 thousand and 700 people in 75 counties, 11 cities and 75 counties in Fujian, 2 provinces, and 57 thousand and 280 hectares of crops. At 17:28 on September 28th, a landslide occurred in the village of suHaruki village, north boundary Town, Suichang County, Lishui, Zhejiang, and formed a barrier lake. The landslide volume is about 50 thousand cubic meters, the formation of the weir body is about 20 meters high, the river is about 25 meters wide, the capacity of the reservoir is about 1 million cubic meters, and the rainwater collecting area is about 35 square kilometers. Pre sent to Zhejiang Province, the national headquarters working group has arrived at the scene, to assist in the lake emergency work, 29 morning, national headquarters sent a group of experts rushed to the lake site to strengthen technical guidance. After the disaster, more than 2000 rescue workers were mobilized in Zhejiang province. At present, on-site rescue is in emergency. By the end of 29, 21, 3 people were confirmed, and 24 people were still missing. Beijing, September 29 (reporter Zhao Beijia), according to the Central Meteorological Observatory, during the National Day holiday of 2016, there was no large-scale heavy rainfall process in the whole country. The temperature in most areas was suitable, and the meteorological conditions were generally suitable for outgoing activities. In northern China, there are many cold air activities, but there are light to moderate haze or fog in North China Huang Huai in the pre – day period. Experts suggest that during the national day due north Huang Huai stage haze, Yunnan, Western Sichuan basin, northern Xinjiang and other places of local rainfall is strong, the need to pay attention to prevent the adverse effects of transportation and tourism safety, pay attention to prevent geological disasters such as landslides in mountainous areas. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August 12 Edition) (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang) 国庆期间全国无大范围强降雨–内蒙古频道–人民网   本报北京9月29日电  (记者王浩、江南、方敏)受“鲇鱼”影响,浙江、福建、广东东部、江西、安徽南部、江苏南部降大到暴雨。受其影响,浙江姚江、瓯江、飞云江、鳌江,福建交溪、木兰溪、闽江下游支流大樟溪等26条中小河流发生超警以上洪水。截至29日8时,初步统计台风“鲇鱼”共造成福建、浙江2省11市75县109.67万人受灾,农作物受灾57.28千公顷。  9月28日17时28分,浙江丽水遂昌县北界镇苏村上村自然村发生山体滑坡,形成一处堰塞湖。滑坡体方量约5万立方米,形成的堰塞体高约20米,河宽约25米,库容约100万立方米,集雨面积约35平方公里。先期派往浙江省的国家防总工作组已抵达现场,协助开展堰塞湖应急处置工作,29日晨,国家防总又加派一个专家组赶赴堰塞湖现场加强技术指导。  灾害发生后,浙江省调集2000多名救援人员开展救援。目前,现场救援正在紧急进行中。截至29日21时,确认3人遇难,仍有24人失联。  本报北京9月29日电  (记者赵贝佳)据中央气象台消息,2016年国庆假日期间,全国无大范围强降雨过程,大部地区气温适宜,气象条件总体适宜外出活动。北方地区多冷空气活动,但假日前期华北黄淮有轻至中度霾或雾。  专家建议,由于国庆期间华北黄淮有阶段性雾霾天气,云南、四川盆地西部、新疆北部等地局地降雨较强,需注意防范其对交通运输和旅游安全的不利影响,山区注意防范滑坡等地质灾害。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年09月30日 12 版) (责编:刘泽、曾晓强)相关的主题文章: