This is China fan Cao Dongzu court of Jiangxi Hoshakuji thousand copied by Clifford hypersnap-dx

This is China fan: Cao Dongzu court of Jiangxi Hoshakuji thousand copied by Cao Dongzu Hoshakuji Jiangxi court blessing thousands of prayer will be copied by the site (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Zhang Ke) thousands of people copied by regression, Zuting (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Zhang Ke Cao Shan) Hoshakuji monks copied the (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Lynn) from home and abroad for more than a thousand people in Hoshakuji copy (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Lynn) Hoshakuji Yang Li led the copied by the abbot master (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Zhang Ke) Hoshakuji Yang Li blood mage Abbot copied the works (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Li Baohua) November 5, 2016 morning, from home and abroad more than thousands of Buddhist calligraphy enthusiasts gathered Chinese Zen Zuting Jiangxi Cao Cao Dongzong Hoshakuji mountain, with the main hall, a floating hand bell And a thousand copied by prayer "spectacular curtain. Here is the Tang Dynasty Cao Shan Ben Ji Mo as the birthplace of Zen master, thousands of people were by regression, Zuting, inheritance of Founder family tradition, an extremely auspicious scene is ink. A Japanese users to watch live Phoenix said: Japan in the last century (70s through manuscripts copied by the activities) rebuilt the Millennium Temple Nara Yakushiji, today we see Chinese thousands of people to China activities are being copied by Buddhism to bring new vitality and new vitality. Not only the "Chinese fan", but also the hope of Chinese buddhism! 5 in the morning, Cao Shan Hoshakuji also wrapped in a mist, at 9 o’clock in the morning, heavy fog gradually dispersed, the sky bloom long blue, according to local villagers said, this rarely seen such fine weather. From Beijing, Xiamen, Xi’an and other places lay in the volunteers under the guidance, continue to enter the venue after copy. Thousands of people sit language retreat. The three dimensional cavity, Buddha worship, bells and whistles, Hoshakuji have entered the main hall Master Li abbot, France will officially begin. According to the law such as law have made ritual, mage Nianxiang Buddha, led the public to recite "Heart Sutra" seven times, then, the public began to copy with respect. Copied by the ancient manuscripts, namely, writing the Buddhist scriptures. Mahayana Buddhism emphasizes, read and written by the classical virtues, so the purpose of writing, or more for their parents and teachers, the children pray blessing, eliminating the disaster and growth increase the extension of life, achievement desire. When writing, the attitude of piety. Even the room fast, with gold, silver or mud, with fragrant juice and ink writing, as well as its sincerity to display blood classic writing. The copy is one of the most important form of Buddhist practice, by taking by better understand the content, there is one inner peace and nature. At the same time Chinese calligraphy is the quintessence of Chinese culture, Chinese culture is the symbol and label. Therefore, the scribe activities, attracted a large number of Buddhist and traditional culture enthusiasts to participate in the Chinese. Hoshakuji thousand copied by the site has the oldest man, also have a large coffee chuitiao child, calligraphy is also a "go zones, amateur writers, clumsy in penmanship" between interest ink pen, we matched hearts, a total of Mu Buddha, in the castle surrounded by the ancestor and the holy land, feel Zen’s peace and quiet beauty. It is reported that this event will be selected by the public lection "Fuzhou West Temple" in Tibetan Buddha. Activities also opened the online copying channel, did not come to the scene of the users can also participate.相关的主题文章: