This malakas into the East China Sea to the east coast tomorrow evening-alienware m17x

This "malakas" into the East China Sea to the east coast tomorrow evening before the last two days, the 14 typhoon "Meranti" rainstorm hit Fujian, away from the typhoon landed in Ningbo, but the rain out of the force of the wind feeling, Taiwan this guy did not lose a positive to come. A lot of rain caused many flooded parts of Ningbo, Ningbo severe waterlogging, the cadres and the masses is resorted to the power to typhoon relief. The good news is that "Meranti" has been drifting away, away from us. From noon yesterday, the days of Ningbo slowly clean up, in the afternoon, when the sun shines. And in the evening, even the moon hung in the sky, to make up for the mid autumn moon did not regret. However, as we all know, these days is the double typhoon "Meranti" tour struck, go, No. sixteenth typhoon "Maleka" followed. Then, the succession "Meranti" and "malakas" now how? What time do you come? Ningbo meteorological station this morning news release said: "Maleka" (typhoon) today 05 when the center is located in Ningbo about 724 kilometers southeast of the Northwest Pacific Ocean, is 23.5 degrees north latitude, longitude 123.1 degrees, the minimum pressure of 94 thousand HPA, maximum wind near the center 15 (50m s), is expected to "Maleka" at about 15 kilometers per hour moving to the north, today will enter the East Hainan sea area. 6 this morning, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning typhoon, is expected this afternoon, "malakas" grazed northeast of Taiwan island in the East China Sea into the sea, and to the northerly direction gradually; on the evening of 18, "malakas" to the northeast to move in the eastern Zhejiang coastal sea, gradually close to the coastal southwest of japan. And "Meranti" is different, "Maleka" with not only the rain, will set off the wind. On Friday, Shifang Zhi measures against Taiwan during deployment, proposed "Meranti" focusing on the defense of heavy rainfall, "Maleka" focuses on the wind, the high tide. The Central Meteorological Station forecast, waters of the Yangtze River Estuary, coastal Zhejiang and northern coastal areas of Fujian, most of the East China Sea, Ocean east of Taiwan, Northeastern Taiwan, Eastern and northern coast of Taiwan Strait, the Bashi Channel winds will be 8~10, part of the sea wind 11~13 grade, "the horse from the waters near the center of the wind" up to 14~16, gust 17. Precipitation is expected today, 8 to 18, 08, the eastern coastal parts of Zhejiang, northeast Fujian coastal areas with heavy rain, local heavy rain; central Taiwan heavy rain, local heavy rain (100 ~ 170 mm).相关的主题文章: