Three grandpa find relatives, the other veterans home is still far away-bree daniels

Three grandpa find relatives, the other veterans home is still far away? During the "99 day", click to enter the Tencent donation platform, for your interest in the project to raise money, will be expected to be more than double surprise with donations, act quickly, we make love together double! In 2016 we enjoyed the behoove peace in the ordinary life and family leisure play a occasionally mixed quarrel the next second will smile but there is a group of special people for them to go home, is a kind of hope "I am a soldier, I think before death, home to see my pro side." The man who wrote this sentence was an expeditionary army veteran by the Ming and Qing Dynasties. He was one hundred years old this year. He was a close call in the flames of war, because of various reasons stranded in Burma. Home to save money, he gave people in the street car, run transport, seize all opportunities, accident and tribulations was followed, but he is always thinking about home. Fortunately, the September 7, 2015 release of the last one, to help veterans veterans home activities, so that the old man’s story into our line of sight. And in the evening, Nanjing girl after the text of the field from the cultural awareness of the three grandfather through the Ming and Qing Dynasties, just a short span of 82 minutes, the road home with the help of everyone to build up. He has a long lost relatives, returned to Nanjing to worship the old mother, and their families spend 100 years old birthday. The old man’s face, not easy, although the way home, he walked for 86 years. In China, like the Ming and Qing Dynasties survived the war veterans, there are at least tens of thousands of people, their average age of over 90 years old. Quite a few veterans still stranded abroad, old men, and a larger proportion of poor widows and orphans. Their only wish is to go home in their lifetime. In 2013, Taiwan veteran Wang Chengsong and lost contact with nearly 70 years of his daughter, see the blood message, let them excited almost to sleep. Daughter Wang Xiulan has even been thought that her father has died, during the Lunar New Year holiday will worship. Wang Chengsong finally set foot on the way home, and daughter living in Jiangsu. The soldier Wang Ying, 89 year old grandmother has advanced in age of the elderly, every day is unforgettable as far away as Taiwan’s brother, often think of tears. They have been removed to get in touch, but again lost contact after the Taiwan earthquake. In November 2015, two of them finally through the help of volunteers, in the video call meet, hear my brother said: "I miss you", the old man could not help choking. Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. They need a home. Even if there is no family, the place where love is home. War veterans care plan, since 2014, has received 1505740 passengers to raise money for 19875366.16 yuan, in addition to help veterans find relatives, also provide subsidies and supplies for thousands of veterans of the war, as part of the old man admitted to nursing homes, hire workers, and even celebrate the 100th birthday…… we want to feel the war veterans warm. Maybe they have to rely on their own life even in the corner of the lonely survival but this time let us help because the desire for home is their eyes have not put out the light of 2016 99 public day.相关的主题文章: