Three men across the city armed drug trafficking has just been arrested in Shenzhen police-ghost observer

Three men across the city armed drug trade just into Shenzhen was arrested in September 27th, Shenzhen announced Baoan police cracked the case of drug trafficking, three men from Dongguan to Shenzhen across the city of Songgang, was captured by police in Baoan for drug dealing. Recently, Shenzhen Baoan City Public Security Bureau police station patrol Yan Luo in carrying out the "2016 hurricane" action, strengthen the daily armed investigation process, Mopai to get an important clue, "drug" who may be in the evening from Dongguan to Shenzhen, Songgang Street Tangxia Chung community drug deal, but the specific address and transaction time is unknown. According to the clues, Yan Luo police station seriously analyze the source of clues to study the deployment of the arrest program. At the same time to inspect squatting, and into the area of the main traffic junctions were dispatched to carry out armed investigation based cards. The police patrol in Dunshou process, in Tangxia Chung community Fu Tong Road, found a brown car around kept wandering, acting very suspicious. Seeing this situation, in order to prevent the suspect vehicle fled, police station Yan Luo clever use of the road is the road time, while deploying barricades and vehicle to encircle the road ends, while the arrangement of plainclothes followed. The suspect vehicle into Fu Tong Road surveillance range, ambushed police decisive attack, approached the car and the car control personnel. After a search, the police on the spot in which a man found a parcel of about 1.04 grams of methamphetamine, and in the car two packets of methamphetamine seized about 4.57 grams, and seized a homemade pistol 1, thunder reached 1 guns and 2 bullets, machetes 1. Police will be on the three suspects back to the police station for further investigation. According to reports, three men named Hwang, Li Moucheng and Liu Moudong, the youngest of the age of 22, the largest of the age of 29, are Hunan, Shaoyang. They confessed, due to lack of money, three villagers will get together, trying to get drugs in Dongguan to Shenzhen trafficking. At present, three people on suspicion of drug trafficking has been Yan Luo police criminal detention according to law, the case is under further scrutiny and digging expanding line. Shenzhen evening news reporter Zhang Shaoqiong correspondent trainee editor Li Yitian,相关的主题文章: