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Through time, to find the little bit of the Tang Dynasty – Sohu travel Xi’an, a lot of people will think of the eighth wonder of the world Qin Shihuang Terracotta Army, but I also think of his walls. Xi’an, known as Changan, a city with a history of more than three thousand years. From the Western Zhou Dynasty, thirteen dynasties in the capital, is the capital of China History Dynasty most, the longest time. We are not strangers to the Xi’an wall, and now it has become a business card in Xi’an. In ancient times, he was a defensive building. Today, the ancient city wall in Nanjing, Xi’an, Kaifeng, Pingyao…… But only the ancient city wall of Xi’an witnessed the rise and fall of stand proudly in past dynasties. Xi’an city existing 18 gates, which has four main gates: East West Yue Yue Changle, stability, Southern Yue Yongning, said the North Anyuan. I chose the oldest and longest follow the South Gate (Yongning gate) to enter, went to the door, saw the door of the moat, the moment what I feel is as strong as iron. In Xi’an, you often hear "city", "outside the city", "city people" and so on, you should not be surprised. I later learned that, in Xi’an, the people of the city walls were called the people of the city. At this moment, I said to my friend, I am going to the countryside, ha ha! I can’t wait to start the city after the city board, the first place I was attracted to the majestic tower top gray green glass tile, Liang Fang between painted brilliant, vibrant display. Walk on the wall, suddenly feel like fast time in the back, through to the Sui and Tang Dynasties thriving and prosperous pomp. I touch the wall, from time to time to pick up the hands of the camera recorded the vicissitudes of life. Hear a thousand years old telling this seat originally named Daxing City imperial vicissitudes. Stand on the wall fifteen meters above the height of twelve meters, look inside, look at the outside, a completely different scenery. Inside is the vicissitudes of the ancient city area, outside the building is a bustling commercial district. At the moment, I should go through ancient times, or stay in the modern? At this moment, opened his eyes and looked at the city, seems to see the emperor in the Grand Army test. And close your eyes, you listen to the great teaching of "long live" slogan, now lush scenery vividly before flourishing. Someone once asked me, do you know what is the most romantic thing in Xi’an? "On the wall, rode a bike in the sunset sunset, in the afterglow, carrying her through the old and thick walls, talking about the future, look at the scenery." I say so. On the wall at night, lamps and candles of a myriad families. The bell tower and the drum tower lights have been lit, the bell tower and the Drum Tower West, embraced each other, for the ancient city of grace. The bell tower is prominent, and the drum tower street. At this point, I told her about the ancient city clock tower of micro-blog, but also remember the 2011 began to release, today released the 18256 micro-blog. The contents are ewwwcrrsssh ewwwcrrsssh, each hour was released, with a number of different is not the same, so hold on for five years, only 550 thousand fans. Instant let!相关的主题文章: