Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven fit first photo exposure in Beijing-g-area meru

Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven fit first photo exposure – Beijing with satellite photo "combination of the gods". CCTV screenshot JINGWAH Times News (reporter Pan Shanju) yesterday, Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven combination of the first photo image is transmitted to the ground. In October 23rd, with the Tiangong two space laboratory on a satellite with the release of success in space, and the two temple and Shenzhou eleven combination for the first photo. It is understood that the first batch of satellite images with back to a total of more than and 300, all from the satellite is equipped with an infrared camera. With the satellite with Tiangong two separately, infrared camera began to work, and in the process with the combination of the distance from the near to the distant, on the combination of pictures. With the satellite is expected at the end of October over the combination of above imaging observations, and after Tiangong two carried out close to new technology test and verification test of space formation resides, to further expand the application space. Manned space application system deputy chief designer Lv Congmin introduced, the image is accompanying satellite release early, a combination of infrared image acquisition, the relative distance is roughly 29 meters, from this picture we can see that the upper half is Tiangong two, the lower half of the Shenzhou spacecraft, you see the upper part of the image of several pieces of local color is lighter, some of the equipment is in working state. It is reported that this small satellite on October 23rd at 7:31 in the morning from the Temple No. two was successfully released, the two astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong, in the hands of the camera to the companion from Temple No. two, across the video below. – related and number four in Xichang satellite real-time observations of lightning will be launched at the end of the year JINGWAH Times News (reporter Pan Shanju) reporter yesterday from the Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group was informed that the FY four satellite has arrived in Xichang, China’s second generation of geostationary meteorological satellite of the first star officially entered the launching process. According to reports, the wind is a four to a two high orbit meteorological satellite, a satellite to achieve the functional requirements of other countries, the two satellites, and because of its real-time observation of lightning and widespread concern. Fengyun four satellite will be launched in mid December this year by the long march three rocket launch. Fengyun four satellite using a newly developed high orbit satellite platform, the whole star weight of 5400 kg. On the platform of the international advanced level, the satellite fitted with high precision aiming and anti shake device "sensitive", for quantitative remote sensing observation satellite with high precision and high stability. And number four is the first international star high orbit meteorological satellite while loading the multi channel scanning imaging radiometer and atmospheric sounding interferometer. Multi channel scanning imaging radiometer is mainly used in the observation of visible and infrared bands, and the radiation imaging channel of Fengyun four imaging radiometer is increased from 5 to No. 14 in FY two. In addition, Fengyun four satellite loaded with international advanced lightning imager and space environment monitor, to achieve real-time observation of lightning and so on. The main function of the lightning imaging instrument is to realize the observation of the lightning imaging相关的主题文章: