Tianjiao Airlines unveiled at the Zhuhai air show a machine equipped with L-15 engine – Sohu of high-noiseware

Tianjiao Airlines unveiled at the Zhuhai air show a higher machine equipped with L-15 engine – Sohu Military Channel in November 1, 2016 eleventh, China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai airshow) held in Zhuhai. Beijing Tianjiao aviation industry investment limited and the Chongqing Tianjiao Aerospace Power Co. Ltd. (collectively known as "Tianjiao aviation), and power czar" of the Ukraine motor through the joint-stock company (Ma Dasic) appeared on the same stage at Zhuhai, which is both sides of the Beijing airshow last year after the second joint exhibition. This shows that the two sides in the field of aviation engines and related industries has entered a substantive stage of rapid development. In 2014, a group of excellent enterprises Tianjiao aviation and Ukraine aviation industrial enterprises and domestic aviation industry jointly launched a constructive cooperation. In 2015, Ukraine Tianjiao aerospace and motor through the company to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership, training, personnel in the production of R & D and manufacturing fields such as high integration, in-depth cooperation, common in the construction of Two Rivers National Aviation Industrial Base of Chongqing city. The base has officially started construction at the end of 2015, the future will be with the vortex axis, turboprop and turbofan and other series, multiple types of advanced aircraft engine design, development, manufacturing, testing, maintenance, display and sale of whole industry capacity of advanced aviation industry cluster. Tianjiao aerospace and motor through cooperation, give full play to the capital market and the advantage of hand assisted air power R & D and production level, is conducive to the sustainable development of China’s aviation engine industry; on the other hand is the motor through our product strength based on complementary and China enterprises and market advantages, outstanding products in order to provide more competitive the domestic and international market. With the China motor through the cooperation in the air force has 60 years of history, the first engine M-11FR Chinese is born in the new manufacturing base on the motor through the product. Tianjiao aerospace and motor through the hand, is not only a continuation of the two sides over the past years of successful cooperation, but also confidence in the future development of the answer. Mr. Bogusz La Jef, chairman of motor through the company believes that the aviation industry is an international career, as China most sincere partner, the motor company is willing to work with Chinese Vujacic experts and Chinese young people to share their experiences and knowledge about aviation together, let the motor through the rigorous and meticulous spirit of enterprise in China air plant. He said that Ma Dasic and China Tianjiao aviation common in the construction of production bases, will work together by the motor through the technical experts and China company, R & D, manufacturing new Aeropropulsion technology and products for the China, working alongside the aviation industry development. At the show, the two companies highlight some key products in the future cooperation between the two sides, such as AI-222 series, AI-450S series, TV3-117VMA-SBM1V series of aircraft engine, and Mi-8MSB, MSB-2 and other large helicopters and light utility helicopters. Which is mainly equipped with AI-222 series engine in the L-15 advanced trainer in China and russia.相关的主题文章: