Tianjin, a sales office street sidewalk installed locked enclosure for sale aquaria

Tianjin, a sales office street sidewalk installed to lock the enclosure for "selling" the street sidewalk for pedestrians to pass the public area, yet some people secretly install locks on the sidewalk, public resources for their own and the public road into a private place, not only hinder visual impact, but also hinder traffic at night, low light, these upright on the ground to lock easily stumble pedestrians, bring security risks for pedestrians. Recently, who lives in Hexi District near Pingquan Road, Ms. Wang reflected, in a sales office door near his home on the sidewalk, installed a dozen locks, past pedestrians. Nearby residents, since the sidewalk is ring into the parking lot, where not to look at the sales offices house of vehicles are not allowed to stop. In order to solve customer parking then, reporters came to the Meteorological Station Road and Pingquan Road intersection of Ms. Wang said, the shops on both sides of the road traffic is gathered, more frequent, tight parking spaces is as can be imagined. The intersection of a sales office in front of the two rows of eye-catching yellow lock attracted the attention of reporters. Reporters came to the sales office to understand the situation, a staff, these locks to just a few days, because customers often come to the house no parking place, in front of the door tight parking spaces, often enough, so the safety lock, prevent others from using parking spaces. As for the safety of the sidewalk is locked on the relevant approval procedures, the staff said he did not understand the situation, but if the violation will be fully cooperate with the demolition. Law enforcement quickly lock has been removed subsequently, the reporter will be reflected to the local traffic police brigade, the staff said, according to the "measures" Tianjin motor vehicle parking management twenty-sixth, traffic management department of public security management measures in violation of provisions of the act: on the road without permission set, lock parked vehicles and other obstacles impede traffic., ordered to stop the illegal act, quickly restore traffic, and at more than 200 yuan to 1000 yuan fine. The traffic control department will send the relevant departments to investigate, if the lock position belongs to the public road, will soon be removed. As of press time ago, in the territory of the traffic police brigade and business cooperation, the sidewalk locks have been removed.相关的主题文章: