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Tianjin "black tanker" street selling inferior oil is refers to the movement of the original title: black gas bomb cheap car "direct supply" inferior oil at night, Tianjin Binhai New Area of Beijing high-speed Tanggu toll station entrance, from Tianjin to Hong Kong to pull goods across the big trucks lined up at the entrance. The old white van truck filled with diesel, tin box out of a gas gun directly at the side of the road to the truck refueling. The scene with a gasoline tanker on taste, the boss took a cigarette, at this moment, a spark, can lead to a human life from evil. Low price is the most direct reason for the existence of these mobile fuel trucks, the case number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) survey found that roadside refueling than regular gas stations nearly 40%. But the poor quality of oil will cause serious pollution of vehicle emissions. And these poor quality oil production raw materials from Shandong, Tianjin and other places. Through the professional pour oil man get oil from oil, after blending into inferior oil, then sell cheap. Survey: Tianjin, a high-speed entrance is now black tanker can get oil from the regular oil depot. Beijing News News produced (WeChat ID:xjbdxw) flow "time bomb" in late September 24th about 6:30, the three km long road intersection parked on the 7 of these white vans. These small trucks are illegal modification of the mobile fuel trucks, fuel trucks shuttle past at various locations in Tianjin Binhai New Area, different from the regular transport of oil tanker, shabby appearance makes these cars as a mobile "time bomb". One side of the road in the street near the entrance of the high-speed TEDA, every few hundred meters will be parked a white van truck, four or five large trucks in the line behind the truck, a truck drove directly to small behind the truck, truck driver and smoke gas car owner after talking to a few sentences, a small truck driver directly after opening the car door, pulled out a seven or eight meter long black refueling gun is inserted in the tank truck. Open the small truck rear cargo door. Inside the iron tank, oil meter. Ten minutes later, a large truck filled with oil, directly towards the high-speed entrance, a pace to continue refueling. In October 2016 September 25th, Tianjin Binhai TEDA Avenue North, then west to the Beijing Tianjin Tanggu expressway. A black tanker parked on the side of the road, was filling a large truck. These small truck passes in the compartment without modification, equipped with a tin tank, refueling and refueling gun, transformed into a tanker truck. Whereabouts in Tianjin Binhai TEDA Avenue, city road, development zone, and many other places. A person familiar with the matter said that if it wasn’t for refueling, you wouldn’t be able to see it from the outside, but people who knew it would see it as a tanker. To the Beijing Tianjin Tanggu expressway entrance direction to continue running, can be seen along the road vehicles such a white van, Bowser’s boss standing beside the car in the rear compartment cabinet, half open door, another door is written "refueling" or name. "It’s a repeat customer, we all recognize the name." A tanker owner said. At night, some refueling vehicle in order to attract business, but also playing the neon lights, car 7相关的主题文章: