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To break the system of embarrassment, stimulate innovation power original title: green pepper "breaking the system" embarrassment, stimulate innovation power   green pepper "; Author: Chen Hongyi and Meng Zhaoli get rid of the" million years "lecturer" and fighting spirit, system of hollow brick works hurrtful embarrassment, let "green pepper" group of spirits, stimulate innovation power of their, still need to continue to promote reform, open up the last mile "80" "90" teachers in Colleges and universities gradually began to play the leading role, become the education scientific research force". However, this group is called "green" of the young teachers’ group, is facing many unspeakable embarrassment". Do the teacher’s sense of honor, often by some inexplicable pressure and trivia diluted, many young teachers issued such a feeling. Embarrassing one: foot stamp consumption time. A professor said, reporting a key scientific research project, just fill in various application forms, motionless that dozens of pages, frightening. Each material must also have the responsibility of the person in charge of the signature and seal, did not run more than a dozen times. Embarrassing two: "a lot of trivia" energy. A doctor in a prestigious office Tucao national research institutions, "in addition to their own work, but also responsible for receiving unit every day courier, pushing a car with a small cart book, between the office and front run back and forth a few times." Embarrassing three: "ten thousand lecturers" morale. In some positions seriously overstaffed position of "old school", a lot of young teachers have graduated for years, but even the honor of "associate professor of professional qualifications are not available, each other is at 10000 years lecturer". Embarrassing four: hollow brick works hurt people. Due to the current scientific evaluation mechanism of many fields compared to mechanization, the academic committee will often research value to the academic periodical editing jurisdiction hands, "whether published, in which publications, how many words" as the only basis whether the value of scientific research, and the birth of the "hollow brick" works, to real judgment of scientific research achievements the value of. The state attaches great importance to the growth of young teachers. In 2012 the State Council issued the "State Council on strengthening the construction of teachers" opinions "put forward clearly, the construction of teachers in Colleges and universities to young teachers and innovation team as the focus, the system environment optimization in development and growth of young teachers in the teaching and scientific research to cultivate talent shows itself, interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary combination of innovation team". Even more exciting is the "green" group, the relevant departments have begun to improve the central government research funds management. However, the embarrassment in the process of applying for projects and academic evaluation. Reform still need to continue to push forward, open up the last mile, completely inspire young university teachers innovation. In the project approval, can strengthen the construction of information, encourage online reporting, using digital talent management system to reduce the repeated fill in the form, to the various offices stamped errands time cost. In the aspect of scientific research evaluation, the academic committee of university should improve the evaluation mechanism system, rather than simply the number of papers published as the criterion of talent evaluation. Especially when the personnel evaluation.相关的主题文章: