To do their own large-scale events Supercell money making days are long-liuxiaobo

To do their own large-scale events? Supercell money have well-known Finland gaming company Supercell can be said in Mobile Games Wurenbuxiao, until now Supercell’s game performance is still outstanding, after the acquisition of Tencent Supercell, many people say that Supercell may start to go downhill, but the fact that Supercell in addition to the game, there are many ways to make money, such as large-scale events and shop. Supercell is the time to do their own tournament recently Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen in an interview with the media revealed that in 2017 Supercell will launch a variety of large-scale games against its games. This a message seems to touch some of the third party organizers nerves, as Supercell’s most popular game, "the Royal war" on the line less than a month to create a $100 million revenue, "the Royal war" is a fusion of collecting cards, RTS and defense against elements the 1V1 sports Mobile Games in addition to the game player, of prewar strategy design, but also need to have a strong ability to improvise. After the mobile application market research firm Newzoo forecast, according to the current development momentum, "the Royal war" annual income of $1 billion is not broken, and the game did not appear to conflict "," tribal "island Jones" old game impact, visible Supercell in the aspects of the game and the difference do quite well. "The Royal war" launched in fact means that Supercell is accelerating the layout of the gaming market now, whether domestic or abroad often have third party game platform held a variety of "Royal war" event. At 360, the game is in the "war" on Royal events under the original capital, the "Royal" war peak Invitational bonus amount is high, and the event registration number more than 100 thousand people, regardless of the magnitude or the player quality is concerned, "the Royal war" peak tournament level is quite high of course, this is all the third party "Royal war" in a race. In last month’s Paris games week, ESWC2016 (Electronic Sports World Cup) officially started the series of events, "the Royal war" became an official event of the event, it is self-evident the competitive nature of the game and influence. This event is the "Royal war" by far the largest international event, bringing together from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and America continents champion top players may take up to $10000, in such circumstances, when planning Supercell is truly their own events, so when the Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen said it will launch a large-scale event next year, we are not surprised. Mobile gaming tournament also requires innovation for gaming, Supercell has always been very interested in, originally held this year to 2016 ClashCon.相关的主题文章: