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To master the correct posture of fetal education give birth to healthy babies – Sohu to master the correct posture of maternal fetal education give birth to healthy BB now, it is not difficult to find, there are a lot of Mommy pays more attention on the baby’s fetal education. Just to be able to let the child fetal education brain, nervous system and various sensory skills can be more perfect, let the children be able to adapt to the environment. However, there will be some errors in fetal education, we understand together below. What time from the beginning of 1 fetal education, good fetal education is not the sooner the better. Studies have shown that the baby in 4 months when the hearing, at the time of 6 months of hearing development is close to adult. In 6-7 months, already has the basic body, in 8 months time began to have auditory memory. So, the best time of fetal education should be selected at 8 months later. 2 when the amount of fetal education timely to the fetus in the womb inside, most of the time is spent in sleep and grow, so try not to disturb the baby sleep. My mother can observe the activity of the baby, the baby when awake for fetal education. Can the rule of fetal education every day, but the time not too long, the fetus develop regular habits. In the process of fetal education, parents and baby can communicate more, establish and cultivate feelings. 3 don’t beat the abdomen fetal education some people would suggest that, when the baby kicked the mother’s stomach, the mother can tap the parts of being kicked, helps to grow. In fact, such a method is wrong. Most of the time the baby was sleeping, when the movement is likely to be a baby turned over, or change a posture to sleep. If at this time on the stomach, can let the baby feel restless, and can not play the role of fetal education. 4 choose a professional music fetal education some people think that the child is fetal education let him listen to the world famous, this practice is actually wrong, not all of the songs are suitable for fetal education. In the baby 6 months, you can listen to some soothing music, not more than 85 dB, you can listen to half an hour a day. Do not listen to rock music, to avoid the birth of children with adhd. During pregnancy, fetal education is just to give the baby a good growth environment. However, to correct fetal education can play a role. Therefore, mothers should have a certain understanding of fetal education, it is necessary to consult some professional advice, to avoid the misunderstanding of fetal education.   相关的主题文章: