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Business There are a number of different types of treadmills, and it is important to first note this fact. Many treadmills fold up for easy storage, some have inclines and others are built strictly for optimal use by professional runners. As such, it is important to note which treadmills fall into each category, designated as high respected and enjoyed in their own specific field. The Sole F80 can be purchased for around $1,500. For this price, consumers are rewarded not only with a treadmill that folds up for opportune storage, but also an amazing warranty. With a 335 lb. weight limit, owners will enjoy a 20 year warranty on the motor of the Sole F80, five years on the parts and two years on labor for the treadmill. On the Sole F80, the running platform measures 55 by 20, which is a very .petitive size for its class. Six programs, incline and speed options round out this product. While it will not take the same pounding that more expensive models will, this is a perfect option for individuals looking for a reliable, mid-priced treadmill. If consumers are looking for the best treadmill when it .es to consistent running, the Life Fitness T3-0, priced around $2,200, is a viable option. With a deck .plete with shock controls and a customizable control panel, families are especially fond of this product because of the treadmills ability to remember programs for multiple individuals. The running platform on this treadmill measures 58 by 20 and utilizes a quiet 3.0 hp motor to keep the product in operation. Professional runners are also particularly fond of this particular model. For the Life Fitness T3-0, the weight limit is 400 lbs, and there is a lifetime warranty on the frame, ten years on the motor, five years available on additional parts and a one year warranty for the labor of the treadmill. Made in the USA, the PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR is unique in that it offers runners a negative incline. This makes the PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR particularly attractive to individuals that are looking for experience with hilly terrain or those who are looking to strengthen the fronts of their legs. Consumers will note that this model is priced around $2,400, offers a weight limit of 400 lbs, as well as a 60 by 20 running platform. The PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR also employs a 3.0 hp motor which aids in the trainers attainment of constant exertion levels. As far as the warranty is concerned, prospective buyers will be happy to know that the PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR offers 15 years on the motor, as well as 5 years on the parts of the treadmill and one year for labor. By: Christine Lyons Edited By: Bruce A. Tucker About the Author: 相关的主题文章: