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Toshiba claims 16 billion 700 million yen was due to the performance of fraud – Jiangxi Channel – original title: Toshiba claims 16 billion 700 million yen was fraud due to the performance of Japan’s Toshiba Co said on the 13, a group of investors for a false profits sued the company, and put forward 16 billion 700 million yen in compensation requirements. This is the largest single claim case in Japan since the accounting scandal. Toshiba said, 12, received a notice to foreign institutions based on the investor to the Tokyo district court proceedings 45. The company said earlier, there are 15 other lawsuits, claims totaling 15 billion 300 million yen. In addition, the Bank of Japan has sued Toshiba in August, claims 12 billion yen. In 2015, Toshiba admitted that its return to 2008 earnings inflated profits. This behavior has led many investors to suffer losses. Toshiba’s 2016 fiscal year semi annual report is scheduled to be released in November 11th. According to Japan’s economic news agency quoted the latest Toshiba performance forecast shows that consolidated operating income for the two quarter of 2016 (according to the profitability of the main business) has returned to profit of 20 billion yen (about a year earlier loss of 10 billion 900 million yen). This will be Toshiba since the fourth quarter of 2014, after a lapse of 6 quarters to achieve profitability again. Toshiba in the 2015 fiscal year net loss of 460 billion yen, reflecting the degree of the financial health of the equity capital ratio fell to 6.1%. Because of this ratio should be maintained at 30%, so the situation is very dangerous Toshiba. Company executives have said that in fiscal year 2018, the equity ratio will return to 10%. In February 2015, Japan’s financial regulator said that Toshiba Co may exist accounting irregularities. Then Toshiba set up an investigation committee to investigate. July 20th, the Commission reported that Toshiba through improper accounting practices inflated profit of about 156 billion yen. As pointed out by former Tokyo procuratorate attorney general Ueda Hirohito led the third party committee in the report, in the performance target under pressure, had executives involved in the scope of accounting violations of Toshiba. Ueda pointed out that Toshiba has organized the implementation of accounting irregularities shocking, and severely criticized the management. In July 21, 2015 three, Toshiba President Tanaka Kuxiong, Sasaki Norio and Nishida Atsushi has resigned, 8 directors (including Tanaka and Sasaki) has resigned, plus consultant Westfield, 45 executives in 9 people resign. Toshiba financial scandal shocked the Japanese industry and the world, because of the huge amount involved, after a very long time, involving a total of three presidents. Someone’s first president Nishida Atsushi since 1975 to enter the Toshiba, in June 2005 as the global president and director. During his tenure, he focused on a number of core business to focus on investment, especially semiconductor. Toshiba is Japan’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, the second largest integrated motor manufacturers. Analysts said that due to the management of the company set unrealistic goals of profitability, so that the various departments of the high pressure, coupled with the 2011 earthquake hit Toshiba’s nuclear power business, resulting in相关的主题文章: