Trump named the transition team two sons and one daughter and son-in-law were serving Sohu news-sweets parade

Trump named the "transition team" two sons and one daughter and son-in-law were serving Sohu news Trump with the eldest son Donald? Trump (right two), the eldest daughter Ivanka Trump? (two left) and two son of Eric Trump (left)?. According to Xinhua news agency, the United States elected president Trump, 11, appointed the white house before the transition team, responsible for the appointment of the new government about 4000 jobs and the appropriate transfer of relevant work. The team is responsible for Trump’s running mate, elected vice president, Mike, and three of the children of the president of the group, also in the group of, as well as in the team, as well as in the group of people who are running for the presidency of the United States, and that mr.. The formation of the transition team slightly hasty Trump aides 11 earlier in the Trumpt tower in New York held a meeting to discuss the new government about 4000 job candidates. Trump in the White House in January 20, 2017, these new candidates will be appointed. Later in the day, Trump announced the main members of the transition team. Among them, the election of vice president Burns to replace New Jersey governor Chris, became the head of the team in charge of. Christie was relegated as deputy head. Except Christie, the other deputy head also includes former New York city mayor Rudi? Giuliani, American retired generals Michael Flynn, retired neurologist? This? Carson, Alabama Senator Geoff sessions? And former House Speaker Newt Gingrich?. It is worth mentioning that three children and her husband Trump also in this team, including Eric, son and daughter Ivanka Donald and son-in-law Jared Kushner?. Trump said that his three children as the transition team members, will also be responsible for the care of Trump’s business group. According to Trump, the above approach does not violate the relevant laws and regulations. Some Republican Party insiders said, compared with the previous Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Trump, set up a "transition team" time seems a bit hasty. "I worked in the Romney transition team, a few months before the election, and the group began to operate like a running machine," said a republican. But now, things look a bit messy." More than a few important positions have the intention of candidates for Trump’s new government, some important positions, the U.S. media speculation over the past few days. Trump campaign team insiders revealed the possibility of some of the 11 positions. According to these sources as saying that the governor of New Jersey, Christie was one of the first to support Trump’s politicians, also served as the "transition team" head, had been regarded as the top candidate for the new government minister of justice. But because Christie recently exposed "blocking this" political scandal, not only in the transition team was demoted to deputy leader, as the Minister of justice also prospects for the future. Sources, the new minister of justice in the competition, the former mayor of New York, Giuliani is currently in a leading position. Giuliani, 11, attended the meeting held in Trumpt tower, but has not yet made clear in the new government office. Giuliani on the same day.相关的主题文章: