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U.S. media: Chinese Internet companies domestic experience across new net – in the "Wall Street journal" website on September 21st article, the original title: Chinese in overseas Internet companies in the overseas encounter obstacles to accurately describe the China Internet industry competitiveness, there is a common but perhaps not always accurate statement: Silicon Valley firms must defeat a few competitors can survive, and China enterprises must defeat dozens or even hundreds of thousands of. However, when some of the Chinese enterprises in the global expansion of a veteran in battle on the occasion, they found out even more difficult. There is a prominent phenomenon in China’s Internet industry, that is, the dominant position in the huge domestic market and the existence of relatively insignificant in the overseas contrast. Although China has launched WeChat, drops of travel and other popular and innovative App, but the country’s Internet companies are still difficult to come up with their products and strategies to compete in the global market. These companies are not lack of attempts. IResearch jointly issued a report and the whale community, as of July this year, the Alibaba and other giants to just a few employees of the game development company, has 6254 China enterprises to build mobile products targeting the overseas market. But one of the problems is that many companies are seeking to replicate their success in the developing world, and found that these markets are growing at a slower pace than china. According to the law of China’s Internet users will follow the income, they hope to get a huge user base through free games and App in these markets. The development of mobile games Beijing Zhi Xing Technology Company has been in Brazil and Russia and other markets as the goal. But Tang Binsen, chief executive, said he had decided to focus on developing more lucrative markets in the developed world when he found that the growth in the Brazil market did not translate into real income a few years ago. The reality is that some users of the market is much more valuable than other market users." Tang said, if you want to build a large company, you can only focus on the big market." For example, data from eMarketer, a research firm, shows that in 2017, India’s annual ad spending is likely to be no more than $1 billion a year. In contrast, China’s digital advertising market is expected to reach $40 billion 400 million this year, while the United States is expected to reach $72 billion 100 million. (author Yuan Li, Wang Huicong)相关的主题文章: