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U.S. media: the new US judge or the nominated Republican in embarrassment – Beijing, Beijing, February 25, according to foreign media reports, in the United States Senate Republican leader that will obstruct the justice of the Supreme Court after the replacement of the vote, there is news that the White House is considering raising a Nevada Republican state sandovo (Brian Sandoval) took over for the late Justice Scalia (Antonin Scalia) left the Supreme Court vacancy. Analysts pointed out that if sandovo eventually won the nomination, the Senate Republicans will be in an awkward situation. It was reported that during the meeting of the National Governors Association in Washington, Washington, Reid met with Harry, the Democratic leader of the senate. The two spoke on the phone last week in Nevada, and agreed to meet this week. The message said, they discussed the Supreme Court and the White House to consider the nomination sandovo problem. The White House did not confirm or deny the report on the nomination of Nevada governor. The White House spokesman Ernest (Josh Earnest) said, "this is just one of the many stories that the Supreme Court nominee, cannot respond to every story". Sandovo since 2011 served as governor of Nevada, in 2005 after President Bush nominated him as a federal judge in Nevada, the Senate unanimously approved; he served as a federal judge until 2009. On the morning of 24 a.m. local time, Obama called on the Republican Party to fulfill its constitutional obligations and to consider the nomination of the Supreme Court nominee this year. He published an article on the Supreme Court blog, pointing out that he wanted to fill the gap for the candidate. Obama’s article said, "he or she should be independent thinking, rigorous intelligence, qualifications impeccable, well documented and perfect personality."……. What I’m looking for is someone who knows the law, handles key issues of the Supreme Court, and provides clear answers to complex legal issues." Analysts pointed out that if sandovo eventually won the nomination, the Senate Republicans will be in an awkward situation. The 23 day, Senate Republican leader Mccono (Mitch McConnell) and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Grassley (Chuck Grassley) in the Republican Senate plenary meeting decided not to hold a hearing on any person appointed by Obama, said before the new president sworn in next January not vote. Mccono said the vast majority of Senate Republicans believe that the nomination or the vacancy should not be filled by lame duck president. Although the Republicans in the judiciary committee agreed that the nominees should not be considered, some Republican senators believed that the nominees should be given a chance. The struggle between the two sides began after a few days since the death of Sculley in February 13th. Obama called on the Senate to go beyond routine politics in February 16th, and to consider the replacement of justice justice, who had not yet been proposed. The Republican leadership of the Senate has previously said it will not approve any successor to the chancellor until President Obama retires. Democrats plan to use Republicans to block the nomination of the president.

美媒:美新任大法官提名或置共和党于尴尬之中-中新网   中新网2月25日电 据外媒报道,就在美国参议院共和党领袖表明将阻挠对最高法院大法官接替人选的表决之后,有消息称,白宫正在考虑提名内华达共和党州桑多沃(Brian Sandoval)接替已故大法官斯卡利亚(Antonin Scalia)留下的最高法院空缺。分析指出,如果桑多沃最终获得提名,参议院共和党将处于尴尬地步。   据报道,在美国首都华盛顿参加全国州长协会的会议时,桑多沃曾会晤参议院民主党领袖里德(Harry Reid)。两人上周在内华达通电话,同意本周会晤。消息说,他们讨论了最高法院和白宫考虑提名桑多沃的问题。   白宫对于提名内华达州长的报道没有证实也没有否认。白宫发言人厄内斯特(Josh Earnest)说,这只是“猜想最高法院提名人的许多故事之一,不能对每个故事都做出回应”。   桑多沃自从2011年担任内华达州长,2005年布什总统提名他为内华达地区的联邦法官之后,参议院一致批准;他担任联邦法官直到2009年。   当地时间24日上午,奥巴马呼吁参议院共和党“履行宪法义务”并在今年审议最高法院大法官提名人。他在最高法院博客发表文章,指出他希望填补斯卡利亚空缺的候选人资格。   奥巴马的文章说,“他或她应当是独立思考、智力严谨、资格无可挑剔、记录良好并人格完美。……我要寻找的是掌握法律、能够处理最高法院关键问题、为复杂的法律问题提供明确答案的人。”   分析指出,如果桑多沃最终获得提名,参议院共和党将处于尴尬地步。23日,参议院共和党领袖麦康诺(Mitch McConnell)和参议院司法委员会主席格拉斯利(Chuck Grassley)都参加的参议院共和党全体会议决定对奥巴马任命的任何人都不举行听证会,声称在新总统明年1月宣誓就职之前不举行表决。   麦康诺说,参议院共和党会议的绝大多数认为这一提名或这个空缺不应当由“跛鸭总统”填补。   尽管司法委员会的共和党人一致认为不应当审议提名人,但部分共和党参议员认为应当给提名人一个机会。   双方斗争从斯卡利亚2月13日去世几天之后就开始了。奥巴马2月16日呼吁参议院超越日常政治,审议他还没有提出的大法官斯卡利亚的接替人选。   参议院共和党领导层此前已表示在奥巴马总统卸任之前不会批准任何人继任大法官职位。民主党则计划利用共和党阻挠批准总统大法官提名人事件在今年秋季选举中夺回参议院控制权。相关的主题文章: