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Under the net to play a new cooling: 8 new shares to raise the threshold to raise the threshold of audit standards – Sohu securities network hit a new threshold of 10 million or will become the past tense". 21 media reporters found that in the next 5 trading days, a total of 11 subscription of new shares, of which 8 have been improved under the net to play the new threshold, increased from 10 million to 2000-3000 million range. There are investment banks reflect, nearly a month to play a new sharp increase in the number of individual investors, investment banks to review the task of qualified investors will also be increased, the threshold will become a trend. At the same time, the reporter learned that the broker has begun to improve the network to play the eligibility criteria for new applications. Bid farewell to the 10 million threshold according to the latest data from the Securities Association of August 24th, the current network of individual investors has reached up to 12787 people; the data in July 29th was only about 7578 people, an increase of more than 60%. Active participation of individual investors mainly from the fight against the new can bring risk-free returns". In the past, playing the new announcement of only 10 million can enhance the market value of the threshold; threshold is just one example, for example, at the beginning of the August IPO shares (603090.SH), Henghe Hongsheng mold (300539.SZ) market will raise the threshold to 20 million yuan. However, since the beginning of this week, more than 20 million of the threshold to become the new normal". Reporters found that in the next 11 new shares in the purchase, there are only under the net to raise the threshold to play the new threshold of 8. Specifically, the August 22nd announcement of the inquiry Yatai International (002811.SZ), Bank of Changshu (601128.SH), (601163.SH), triangle tire requires "the first 20 trading days held in Shenzhen non restricted equity market on average is 20 million yuan (inclusive) above;" the next two days (23-24 days) of the shares (innovation 002812, SZ), Gansu sheenrun hair (300534.SZ), Zhenhua (603067.SH) also made the same request. The 23 issue of two new shares of new natural gas (603393.SH), the city of land shares (603887.SH) is more than the need to fight the new network under the current market capitalization of 30 million shares. One of the new shares in which the underwriters of the capital market department admitted to 21 media reporters, mainly because of the recent increase in the number of individual investors too much, especially large investment bank workload." He said that the Ministry of capital markets to review whether individual investors meet the new qualifications, not only audit the threshold value of the market, but also to verify the identity of individual investors, relatives, verification of the relationship. If you raise the threshold to 2000-3000 million, the investment bank workload can be reduced by half. I learned from my peers, other brokerages also want to play the new threshold to improve the network." The capital market department official said. In order to Hongsheng shares for example, the company hit the net new threshold of 20 million, the preliminary inquiry object number only 2347, but with the same period issued under the net IPO inquiry object average is 4048. Shen wan;相关的主题文章: