Users Like The Most Personal Government Website, do Not Delete Posts Even Bs-ing-cashmere mafia

User letter: "(Xindu District) concept in Taixing Town, Village officer of all fat head and big ears, not too strange." Letter Re: "The (Taixing) discipline inspection .mission investigating the town and watch the East Village cadres, no corruption, if you have a view of village cadres in the east village concrete evidence of corruption, please bring evidence to report directly to the .mission for Discipline Inspection, Taixing Town. Reminds you : Corruption can not determine whether the basis of body fat or thin. " You can not imagine that the answer is straightforward and humor to a government Web site users reply to your letter. Recently, this government websites are Internet users have called "the most practical and most personality of the official hp pavilion dv3000 battery ." Divisional secretary mailbox "Journey Into Amazing Caves" Rating: pragmatic and humor This Web site called the city of Metropolis, Hong network is Xindu district government official website. News log on to the site, found here, "secretary of the governor-mail" really "Journey Into Amazing Caves." September 15, netizens "Village shops villagers" Q: The original dragon Zhendian Village corruption Zeng States secretary of adults sentenced to many years? September 17, "the Court" Re: Zeng country is a jail term of ten years in our hospital and six months! August 28, netizen "Challenger" Q: Why is Mulan Town, so many corrupt officials, nobody controls? (They (microblogging)) is too large appetite, the arrogance of the arrogant, we are hundreds of thousands of village president about the car, home decoration is called a cow. September 6, "Mulan Town" Re: your cadres as reflected in the problems of corruption, if you have concrete evidence Wel.e to the town government or higher level discipline inspection departments, discipline inspection departments to report, we will ensure strict investigation. The village chief has over ten million vehicles, home decoration cattle, it should be so, as long as their in.e and expenditure from the proper channels, are protected by law. Both you and the masses can understand that village cadres have the right to get rich, and they are supposed to be a good economic development leaders, rely on proper ways to get their families off to the hearts of the masses is a benchmark. Village cadres can not be said to buy ten million cars will definitely be corruption, if we have to grasp the evidence of their corruption, but also not be tolerated. Reporter list selected messages and replies to these new capital city of Hong network "secretary of the Box" "head of mailbox" at September 24, for a total of more than 11,300 pieces of one of several letters from the masses. User rating has said "they do not shuffle, do not hide, Watch issue, reasonable, pragmatic and humor, not bureaucratic hp pavilion dv3 battery ." "BS-ing posts are not deleted" "Nothing can not open" In the new capital, the district government building on the first floor left the first room, hangs a small sign – "Online Petition Division." New Town area, including working groups, including the Deputy Secretary level cadres Yang Jianzhen, a total of only three staff, and here is the "secretary, head of mail" and "center." Reporter (hereinafter referred to mind): a letter to the secretary of the governor-mail, many related to .plaints, criticisms, and even exposure to certain sectors, for these posts, how you deal with, will they face and to take into account " Hide "and even delete? Yang Jianzhen (hereinafter referred to as the Young): never delete posts. These .e in BS-ing we have publicly out. There are some (people) language is very rude, (but) we do not avoid. Of course, this (referring to language rude) people, we will have added one in the back "of the problem, please use the language of civilization." I think this is positive for the people to guide and education. Reporter: But some critics and many departments will face embarrassing exposure of. They will not ask you "mercy"? Yang: No, never, every department, even being yelled in the most vicious (and will not require delete posts), such as the Department of Transportation to have been skinned most miserable, because they do most. Reporter: You just said that the transparency of these government really needs some guts. You have such courage .e from? Yang: It’s party .mittee and government as a very open-minded, we only set a major principle, that is likely to cause social instability are not open, no other can not be made public. Reporter: Inter. users said that a return to a lot of personality to your language, you’re funny, this is your intent to pursue it? Such as "corruption can not determine whether the basis of body fat, thin." Yang: Actually I added the one hp pavilion dm3 battery , this meant a bit of kidding, humor that the other is narrow and the distance between people. 相关的主题文章: