Using the Internet to open up a new world of innovation – Sohu comments cosmax

With the Internet to open up a new world of innovation – Sohu comments today, the third world Internet Conference opened in Zhejiang, Wuzhen. This year, the theme of the conference is innovation driven, the benefit of mankind – to join hands to build a community of cyberspace destiny". Mobile Internet revolution is getting more members of the human race to get rid of isolated islands of information, into the world’s Internet family. Technological innovation is expanding people’s freedom and right to choose, influence and reshape the way of human life and production. Cyberspace community of destiny in innovation driven, there should be a better future. In the past year, we can see that the Internet innovation is to solve one problem after another, to bring about changes in the field of private life. This year in Beijing, Shanghai and other places popular intelligent public bike, a lot of people to solve the short distance travel needs. In the past, the double eleven, global buy, global sell has become the norm. Now, the China chowhound are only need to move a finger, you can buy online love Australia steak, lobster and fresh Boston overseas. The United States, Japan, Russia, India and other parts of the world’s consumers, only need to move a finger, you can buy China quality goods. Artificial intelligence opens the door to a new world for us this year. Earlier this year, Google’s AlphaGo victory over South Korea go players Li Shishi, attracted the attention of the world. This is a very good public image publicity. In fact, in addition to AlphaGo, artificial intelligence, data mining technology is more and more, and participate in the change of social governance, the wisdom of the city is within reach. Now, the city data brain is taking over the traffic management in Hangzhou. In October, the Hangzhou municipal government announced a quite futuristic plan: Hangzhou has 2200 years of history of this city, the installation of a central artificial intelligence — Hangzhou city public management data of the brain, the application of artificial intelligence technology to assist the city. With the help of artificial intelligence, Hangzhou city traffic control will become digital and intelligent, every time of the traffic light, turn left, tide Lane setting will be through historical data, real-time data and prediction data synchronization adjustment prohibition. In the preliminary test of some sections of the Hangzhou District of Xiaoshan, the city of the brain through the intelligent adjustment traffic lights, vehicle speed increased by 11%. Hangzhou will also become the world’s first application of artificial intelligence technology to assist the public management of the city. The city’s transportation, energy, water and other public areas every day have a large amount of data, this is the technical analysis of artificial analysis and local, simple to digest, and massive data processing, thus to make quick decisions is precisely the advantage of big data analysis. By optimizing the allocation of resources, the use of intelligent data mining technology innovation, improve the population carrying capacity of the city, to solve the problem of "urban disease" caused by population gathering may no longer be a problem. Every technological revolution and great innovation of mankind has finally liberated mankind. In the Internet has experienced various stages of development, especially in the present, the nature of the Internet is not only to improve efficiency, but also business, interpersonal, social governance, etc..相关的主题文章: