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Vaccine and science fan group Q & a 20160830- Sohu maternal and child 1, @ @ @ purple month: Hello Dr. tao! My baby is a premature baby, and now the actual age of 7 months, to correct the age of about 5 months, I would like to consult about the price of a pneumococcal vaccine thing: 1: children have been able to fight the neonatal pneumonia vaccine price of 7? 2: according to the baby’s current situation should play a few needles? I look at the age of 7 before the age of June to play the 4 needle, from November to the age of 3 to fight the last needle when the first shot? (because the last 17 years in May will expire) 3: if the community hospital inventory can not guarantee to play the 4 needle, it is necessary to fight it? If you do not fight, what remedial measures, disturb, thank you very much, Dr. Tao Lina: 1 can be vaccinated, more than a healthy baby should be vaccinated; Baidu encyclopedia on the program is correct 2. I suggest that a few doses can be vaccinated on a few doses, the most critical is the age of December before the agent times, the last 1 doses can not be vaccinated. 2, @ Star: Doctor Tao, we 7, No. 20, No. 8.6 hit of Fallot, hepatitis A and MMR are attenuated vaccine inoculation, we plan the hospital let us No. 8.23 to four and AC combination, we go to 23 said no vaccine, let us No. 9.10 inoculation, we went to the hospital has a vaccine, but said our last vaccination No. 8.6 and No. 23 to the vaccination vaccine today is not a month, do not give us vaccination. 1 is the same as the hospital’s Planning Department of immunology why not the same? In the end is the practice of the hospital right? 2 if we have to be separated by 1 months, we have to fight before the next 15 days? 3 vaccine and AC combined vaccine can also play? Dr. Tao Lina: your original vaccination unit is correct. Four and meningococcal AC conjugate vaccine, and hepatitis A and MMR vaccine inoculation in any interval, there must be an interval of 1 months of scientific basis. 3, @ Shanghai happy and pleased with oneself: baby three months and four months respectively played a 13 price for fifth months in Shanghai, the doctor gave me third shots in seventh months, so you can?? Will not have the impact? If it does, I’ll get over the next five months. Because you play B and ECM for sixth months, doctors don’t mind me sixth months on the 13 price, should be playing every 28 days. Dr. Tao Lina: yes. But the third agent can completely and hepatitis B vaccine inoculation and together, the first 2 vaccination arm, pneumonia vaccination thigh. 4, @ Guangdong @ fish: Dr. Tao, hello! My baby 22 months, yesterday (August 27th) vaccination combined vaccine of a final, 28 arm red and swollen, hot surface, has been hot, knowing the redness is normal, but before the red super any vaccine, a little worried, no other symptoms, 28 on the night of the surface so hot. Ice will, on the morning of 29 visual than yesterday. My question is: 1, a friend of the children (24 months) was inoculated with a final pentavaccine red, has big bean swelling tablets has not disappeared, excuse me normal? 2 ice after hot compress with what time?相关的主题文章: