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The van collided with the electric car and then crashed into the accident caused 5 people injured Chinese daily news (intern reporter Wang Rong) November 2nd morning 7 am, Xianyang, a woman riding the electric car to send his son to school, from the five Chuang village riding out with van collided, causing the boy hit from more than 10 meters, followed by a passing car and van again collided, causing 5 people were injured, including two people with severe coma, there may be life-threatening. The morning of November 2nd 9 pm, China Daily reporter in Weicheng District Yingbin Road five Chuang village to see the scene of the accident, a severe deformation of the front of the red car down in the middle of the road, on the side of the ground left bloodstains. In the electric car 10 meters away, a blue bag, two different colors of shoes and hats scattered in the ground. Road on the eastern side of a white Honda car lean close to the green belt, front has been completely different, parallel with the van parked on the right side of the impact after the formation of obvious depression, the road down auto parts debris. "I just heard a bang sound, walk, look back baby fly out." November 2nd morning 7 am, ride the milkman through here Yue teacher said, a woman riding the electric car from five Chuang village, just from north to south to a passing van collided, he saw the boy knocked down and then from the opposite direction of the white Honda car to avoid the accident again and van collision. "Baby’s bag, shoes and hat fell off the ground." Zhai said the villagers, riding the electric car is five Ms. Chuang village, the morning she went to send their children to school, the boy about ten years old this year, in the Ling care center primary school. After the accident, saw the boy lying on the ground unconscious, the villagers to avoid children injured again put the child lifted to the side of the road, and the mother’s head bleeding. "There is no zebra village on the road and deceleration zone, passing vehicles quickly and easily hurt." Mr. Zhai said. November 2nd morning 11 am, the medical staff in ICU of Xianyang Central Hospital said the accident in riding the electric car and van driver, and Honda car two people were injured, the woman riding the electric car and a 10 year old boy in severe coma, have life risk. Currently, the traffic police department is investigating the cause of the accident. Note: video only for extended reading. Electric motorcycle red light hit coaster two survived相关的主题文章: