Venture capital shrink the number of funds to create a number of online travel sites collapse or foo webquest

The risk of investment contraction made financial difficulties many online travel sites shut down or run away Zhao Zheng following the first half of the Amoy road closures, McDull travel funds chain problems after a recent and online travel website capital chain. Recently, insiders broke the news, tourism tourism Hugo B2B platform due to funding strand breaks boss has run away. This is not the first B2B tourism industry tourism website problems, previously, tourism B2B platform "e road" closed B2B platform "with the air ticket network" accused escaped fled, reflecting the problems of tourism B2B platform in the operation. Along with the capital market into the winter, since 2015, venture capital investment financing have to shrink the front, the speed and scope of a substantial decline, many online travel sites due to the lack of timely blood transfusion, own hematopoietic function to maintain the normal operation, the final funding strand breaks or illiquidity dilemma, some choice collapse, some choose to run away. Some industry insiders predict that the second half will be a number of travel sites can not carry the capital of winter. Capital chain run away recently, insiders broke the news, the problem of tourism B2B platform Hugo travel funds, totaling 17 million yuan owed 150 suppliers. The supplier is currently unable to contact this company, Hugo tourism has run away. Many suppliers in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Gansu have chosen to report to the local public security organs. According to the unique tourism website, behind the Taiyuan tourism tourism Hugo trace culture media Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, the company located in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai. Less than a year, the volume of business and customer size, the gradual development of the industry to complete the agency advertising company. In January 2015, Hugo tourism launched the B2B trading platform, October officially launched operations. However, from the launch platform to run away, just less than a year, let the industry stunned. Even micro-blog supplier in the drying out of the IOU, Hugo travel show Taiyuan tourism culture media Co. Ltd. Shaanxi trace owe a supplier travel fare 444734 yuan. Coincidentally, the ticket B2B platform "with the air network this year there have been similar problems. May, with the navigation network suddenly closed, the relevant person in charge are in a state of loss, suspected to roll on foot. "With the navigation network" is a major airline tickets, hotels, visas and other air travel products. However, due to the "same boat net" capital chain problems suddenly closed, resulting in a large number of consumers can not get tickets, there are many suppliers to get back, huge losses. In the opinion of the powerhouse consulting founder Wei Changren, regional tourism B2B this model itself is very fragile. Tourism B2B site on the one hand, relying on the upper reaches of the upstream supplier of money, while taking this part of the money to subsidize downstream retailers and consumers, such a large risk of operating mode. At the beginning of the platform, in order to increase traffic and attract tourists, B2B platform to increase subsidies and burn, this part of funds from financing, on the one hand from the upstream supplier payment "". However, with the increasing difficulty of financing, tourism B2.相关的主题文章: