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In the South China Sea Islands China Vietnam Foreign Ministry to respond to extend the runway – Sohu news Q: recent media reports, along with the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement the United States pushing (TPP) variables, many countries have to adjust the strategy, supported by the China leading regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) and FTAAP (Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone). There are also some who say that trade rules in the Asia Pacific region will be made in China in the future. What is China’s comment on this? A: first of all, whether it is RCEP or FTAAP are not dominated by china. RCEP is the integration of regional economy cooperation with ASEAN as the dominant, China has been in full respect to the core position and leading role of ASEAN, cooperation and negotiation parties, actively promote the process of negotiations, negotiations as soon as possible. FTAAP is under the framework of APEC to promote regional economic integration initiative. 2014 Beijing informal meeting of APEC leaders on the start of the Asia Pacific Free Trade agreement. Since then, China and the United States and other parties together to carry out collective strategic research. We hope to cooperate with all parties in the informal meeting of APEC leaders in Peru to jointly agree on the next step to promote the progress of the Asia Pacific FTA process. Second, for a long time, the Chinese side to promote economic integration in the Asia Pacific region to promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, contribute to the common development and prosperity of the Asia Pacific trade arrangement principle is open. At the same time, we advocate the relevant trade arrangements should follow the rules of the world trade organization, help to strengthen the multilateral trading system, they should support each other, rather than mutual exclusion, we should prevent the relevant trade arrangements in Asia Pacific region "fragmentation", but also to prevent the politicized". Third, we have always maintained that trade rules shall be determined by the parties through equal consultations, should fully consider the difference of each member of the stages of development, especially the actual situation with respect to developing economies, should not say one or two. The formulation of trade rules in the final analysis to reflect the "win-win" spirit, help to safeguard the common interests of all parties, only in this way can promote the normal development of trade and sustainable growth, benefit the people of all countries. China is ready to work together, in full consideration of local economic development is based on the difference and diversity, uphold an open, inclusive and transparent spirit, continue to promote the process of economic integration in the Asia Pacific region, efforts to inject new impetus for the development of the Asia Pacific and the global economy. Q: according to the American think-tank said that Vietnam has been extended in the South Island Airport runway. What is China’s comment on this? Answer: Chinese sovereignty over the Spratly Islands and adjacent waters have beyond all dispute. China has always firmly opposed to illegal occupation of China part of the reefs of the Spratly Islands about the country and the construction of various facilities in Chinese territory. China once again strongly urges the countries concerned to respect China’s sovereignty and interests, to immediately stop the illegal occupation and illegal construction activities, the withdrawal of all personnel and facilities. China calls on States to abide by bilateral and regional consensus, do not take any actions that complicate the situation, and make due efforts to maintain peace and stability in the South China sea.相关的主题文章: