Village champion 16 years out of 270 college freshmen won the merit plaque in

"Village champion 16 years out of 270 college freshmen won the" merit plaque "- Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Yongsheng) Xingtai City, Yan Li Xiang Duan Cun, Nanhe county is located in the hinterland of South Hebei Plain, about 50 km from Xingtai City, the village of about more than 1 thousand and 100 Households of more than 4200 people, is a genuine agricultural industry rural farming. It is such a village, but it is known as the "Xingtai village"". Since the beginning of 2000, the village has a total of 270 people out of college students, more 20 people admitted to graduate, 2 people admitted to doctoral students to continue their studies. 24 morning, the reporter drove to the village, in the village once a year for the new year period of students admitted to the University as "merit plaque" activities. A moment into the section of the village, surrounded by thick elegant atmosphere, clean and tidy streets is a village in a beautiful scenery. 8:30, firecrackers and gongs and drums rang the whole village, the villagers gathered some village kindergarten, open farewell to college students this year. "Since 2005, our village every year for more than two admitted to the college students’ qualities as plaque ‘, this year, a total of 9 students admitted to the more than two colleges and universities." The village Party Secretary Wang Xiangkui said. "Merit plaque" says "love education, kindness knows no bounds" 8 characters, "giving merit plaque" is Wang Xiangkui’s proposal, Wang Xiangkui said he has two purposes: one is to enhance the students, parents and society focus on education, the importance of education, caring education, create a good environment for the development of education; two it is intended to stimulate students’ interest in learning, encourage students to develop good study habits, create a positive atmosphere for education. "When looking for his brothers and sisters send plaque, I would be very envious, then secretly swear, I also want to go to college, the future today, I got my wish." Duan village student representative Sun Saiyang said. This year, sun Saiyang enrolled in the Hebei College of traditional Chinese medicine. "Today you are proud of the village, the village tomorrow to honor you." This is Wang Xiangkui to each student’s message, "I hope every student can have a better development, the future admitted to graduate, was admitted to doctoral students, we will celebrate for him in this solemn manner." At the farewell party, the village Party branch also presented a gift box for each student, such as suitcase, backpack, thermos cup, etc., to encourage students to forge ahead in the university.相关的主题文章: