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VR shopping brush face payment   Yunxi conference of adult intelligence " carnival event " – the media – people.com.cn original title: Yunxi general conjecture: artificial intelligence to lead the future in October 13th, Zhejiang Hangzhou Yunxi conference site, the ant gold clothing booth, two girls are twins in VR Pay shopping experience. The user can directly through the shopping touch, gaze, nodding, voice and other interactive mode in the VR environment, using Alipay to complete payment. Ma Yun said at the cloud habitat conference: new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technologies, new energy, these five new will cause tremendous impact and impact on all walks of life. A 6 year old man who participated in the cloud habitat conference, said it was a great change in the past 6 years. Of course, when cloud habitat conference is not called cloud habitat conference, but also Ali cloud developers conference. The first meeting was held in the open air, now yunqi town has this year’s participants with fame spreading far and wide, up to 40 thousand people, will be extended to 4 days, as many as more than and 400 kinds of special meetings, there are millions of people to watch live online. VR PAY, small G terminal robot on the elevator, express delivery, "artificial intelligence technology brush face payment" and "God", has let the Yunxi conference into a "Carnival of artificial intelligence". Ma Yun: the real shock comes from the ignorance of the future of fearless has been dubbed the "alien" Ma Yun, today formally respond to this topic. On the morning of October 13th, chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of the Alibaba in the cloud habitat conference speech, when it comes to the impact of the Internet on the future, the alien played the image of analogy. Ma Yun said that the future may not be aliens, but there may be extraterrestrial civilization, for extraterrestrial civilization, the more ignorant, the more refused to communicate, the more terrible, the Internet is the same reason. Internet civilization is not from the outside world, it is the result of the birth of human civilization, as long as to grasp it, learn it, no one can be eliminated." Ma Yun said that the next 30 years is the human society upside down for 30 years, the change of the world will be far beyond the imagination, the real impact of all walks of life, the impact of employment, the impact of the traditional ideas and the traditional industry is yesterday we thought, is the ignorance of the future, the future is not embrace. When I started in 1995, the world’s Internet users may be less than 50 thousand people, today participated in the cloud habitat conference audience has been close to 50 thousand people, the change of the past 21 years, shocked the world." Ma Yun said that the next 30 years, technology will be applied to all aspects of society, all walks of life, but people do not know enough. Many people talk about the impact of the Internet in all walks of life, e-commerce in the fight against the destruction of traditional business, in fact, e-commerce did not impact the traditional business." Ma Yun said that e-commerce is just to grasp and make good use of the Internet technology and ideas, resulting in a business model to adapt to the era of Internet data. Ma, for example, the word electronic commerce may soon be eliminated, from the beginning of next year, the Alibaba will no longer mention of the term "electronic commerce", because e-commerce is just a "ferry)相关的主题文章: