Wear 20 million underwear on the Victoria stage why she is so lucky wharfedale

Wear underwear on Victoria secret value 20 million stage why she is so lucky for you this year lead: Victoria’s secret show the most expensive underwear will be the flowers who are looking forward to a long time, the morning of October 27th officially announced: "have been identified 20 million of the value of the underwear will be put on the T Tookes model Jasmine". From the beginning of 2012 for the 90 supermodel Victoria Secret Fashion Show, the lucky to be selected is really enviable. This set of expensive underwear took 700 hours to finish by hand, and it was covered with 9000 precious stones made of 18K gold. The day before her calm makeup has been exposed, looking forward to her in the secret dimension of the stage to bloom. Jasmine Tookes was born in 1991, height 175cm, began in 2012 as the Victoria’s secret show, 2015 Vitoria signed the secret, as Victoria’s Secret supermodel. Cute little Jasmine her mother is a designer, genetic gave her a strong natural sense of the lens. Today’s Jasmine Tookes integrity popular period, the color of her skin, facial features, and photographs of various styles of film can make people look. And her boyfriend Tobias · Sorensen joint appearance deduction Calvin Klein perfume large相关的主题文章: