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Chronic-Illness The profession of doctors in India is considered as the most noble and worthy to help mankind. People look up to doctors as saviours and with the advancement of science and technology, the profession has obviously improved by leaps and bounds. The very thought of a doctor reminds you of a spotless white coat, immaculate precision with which they diagnose diseases and prescribe medicines. Without the doctors you would not be cured of disease. India is gradually getting introduced to this new advancement of the medical profession. Medical Tourists all round the globe are increasing day by day and India is their hotspot. Most patients come from USA and UK for treatment because India offers most efficient treatment options at cheapest possible price along with the opportunities to spend a luxurious holiday. The doctors in India are as good as doctors from any other advanced countries and the language also does not pose a problem for them as most of them speak good English. Medical procedures that are very popular subjects for medical tourists in India are Ayurveda, Orthopedics, Cardiographs, Cosmetic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery and the exotic spas for relaxation, these are few of different fields in which doctors in India are most skilled and famous for. The health care system in India has also developed a lot. In the 80’s, the Government run hospitals were the main health care providers in India. However, over the last decade Indian medical system has undergone sea of change with increasing partners from the corporate and the private sectors. Today, the private owned hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are the main stay of Indian health care system. You can avail medical tourism in India under attractive terms and conditions. Most travel agencies in India will take care of your complete boarding and lodging concerns in a hospital or hotel of your choice. The multilingual guides will pick you up from the airport and take you directly to your hospital or the hotel accommodation. They will also plan your itinerary in consultation with your doctor in India so that you may also visit the popular destinations of your choice in India once you are done with your hospital procedures. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: