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Wenger: to defend Allardyce the opportunity to hope he can prove innocence Allardyce (information) sina sports news BBC reported, England coach Allardyce in the East and a "merchant" meeting, said can receive 400 thousand pounds, helping him to bypass some of the provisions of the total bypass FA free operation benefit of players. Unexpectedly, the businessman is actually posing as reporters, the whole process has been secretly shot down, the scandal has shocked the whole nation. The news in England continue to ferment, Arsenal boss Wenger said in an interview, gave Allardyce a chance to defend myself, hope Allardyce can explain the situation and prove his innocence. Two months ago, Allardyce took over the national team of England, signed a contract to reach 3 million pounds salary, but also not to flex its muscles, he now may be because of the scandal after class. "The Telegraph" reporter fake businessmen to the "fishing", Allardyce unfortunately caught. In the "merchant" meeting, Allardyce expressed the willingness to "ambassadors" to help them Chinese identity and Singapore operation transactions, and he can also use his position to help the "merchant" to bypass the provisions of the "third party FA Premier League players" constraint random operation player, he demanded the return is 400 thousand pounds. The two sides conducted a total of 2 meetings, a total of up to 4 hours, the whole process was secretly photographed down. Now the FA has been involved in the matter, or if this is the case, Allardyce will lose the job. England will also have a World Cup qualifier against Malta in October 9th, and Allardyce’s scandal may also have an impact on the preparation of the three lions in 2018. (Yue Qi)相关的主题文章: