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Wenzhou a rental fire walls were blackened 10 year old boy jumped from the 10 meter high jump behind the smoke fire room, a 10 year old boy, standing on the 3 floor window, jumped; downstairs, six or seven neighbors, pulled the quilt, the boy jumped under the direction of alignment…… This thrilling scene occurred a few days ago in Wenzhou in a rented room, fortunately, the child fell on the quilt, there is no danger, but because of the impact force is too large, pulmonary contusion, rib fracture. Rental housing wall was 10 meters away from the top black night of October 26th, Wenzhou Zhejiang industrial district Shacheng street, there was a fire in a rented room, in which 4 people were trapped. The fire of the rental housing is a brick structure of the building, a total of 3. The highest level, about 10 meters away from the ground. After the incident, the outer wall of the rental housing was thick smoke black, the door also posted a closed fire site announcement. There is a family of five in the rental room. At the time of the incident, only the hostess and eldest son, the youngest son and daughter in the house, the owner out of something. The first is that the fire rental housing near neighbor mr.. He said, probably more than 8 o’clock in the evening, he was talking to his friends in his shop, suddenly, he looked up to see the incident rental housing smoke fire, immediately and friends rushed to the rescue. The fire began to burn from the 2 floor, then more and more prosperous." Mr. Xiang said he and his friends took the fire extinguisher wanted to rush into the fire, but the fire was too big to succeed, had to turn to the surrounding neighbors for help, fire, fire fighting ah!" The child leaned out ready to jump quickly to stop the neighbors at the scene of Ms. Liu, quickly dialed alarm call. "The first woman and her daughter came down." Liu said, at that time, the hostess and daughter were trapped on the 2 floor, her eldest son and his youngest son was trapped on the 3 floor. Shortly after the fire, the 2 floor of a window hanging near the ground curtain cloth, and then the hostess holding her daughter down the curtain cloth, no injuries. My mother saw success from the 2 floor to escape after the 10 year old son stuck half of the body ready to jump from the 3 floor. "Don’t jump, wait a minute." Mr. Xiang hastened to stop, he said, the 3 floor is relatively high, the child jumped to the risk of life. So let the next door neighbor from home to fetch a quilt, six or seven men pulled a corner of the quilt, waiting just below the 3 floor window. According to the video display, the eldest son leap, jumped from 3 quilts, successful catch. However, rescue workers said in a huge impact, the child was caught up again after falling to the ground, the body with multiple injuries. Little son did not choose to jump out of a window in the persuasion, a few minutes later, the Longwan Fire Bureau of the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, he successfully rescued. At present, the eldest son in the ICU ward of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Children’s Hospital temperature are receiving treatment. According to the medical staff, the boy’s injury for lung contusion, pneumothorax and a rib fracture, there is no risk of life. However, for the incident, the hostess’s family declined an interview request. As for the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.相关的主题文章: