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"What I said is true" Liu Yiwei laughed fit Clay oven rolls Sina entertainment news written and directed by Liu Yiwei, starring Xiao Shenyang [micro-blog], Ivy Chen [micro-blog] [micro-blog] in particular, Wu Yue (Zhu Yunfeng), Li Yixiang, Clay oven rolls [micro-blog], Li Yiling starred in the comedy action film "I said suspense is it true" scheduled January 28, 2017 lunar new year. Recently, directed by Liu Yiwei and starring film "ACE ACE raid Clay oven rolls with" Beijing premiere at the scene. Send blessings in the more formal "propaganda" Andy Lau, hoping for a showdown with the king. Liu Yiwei is a personal battle with the partner Clay oven rolls Cross said, "said the film, said the comic are definitely not just for fun"! Liu Yiwei led the "challenge" kicks off and not just in the Clay oven rolls Cross said at the "trump card" with ACE on the premiere, the play Hey God into the "trump card" and "challenge" staged three PK war. As a "challenge group" Captain, Liu Yiwei can not only guide ‘chair, wearing this coat, together with Guo Degang said the comic [micro-blog] favorite Clay oven rolls. When they came to the stage as the first group of guests on stage, the audience is very enthusiastic voice, Liu Yiwei, the new couple to make the audience pleasantly surprised. In this regard, Liu Yiwei smiled and said: "from television to comic cross, but I am also prepared. In fact, there are similarities between the two places, it is hoped that the audience to find resonance in the story. Whether it is a movie, or cross said, I have not just for fun." Liu Yiwei not only for the audience to bring a wonderful comic performances, he’s the latest director of the work, I said is true, then it opened the veil of mystery. The film tells the story of a comic story: a strange combination of circumstances own occupation planning summer solstice (Xiao Shenyang) had made a story about the kidnapping, but accidentally said in fact, so called criminal gangs to kill, even he has a crush on the restaurant owner India snow (Ivy Chen ornaments) are involved, which triggered a series of whirling and full of wit and humour story. The audience was greatly surprised, has always been known for exaggerated lovely style performers to join "the cross Clay oven rolls, I said is true", in the film premiere villain. About the movie feel, Clay oven rolls said: "in fact, a lot of pressure, it is not easy to do. This time I played the horse double is a little stupid thief, listen to the gang boss." Beautiful adorable cute Clay oven rolls subversion starred villain, the audience may wish to wait and see. Wu Yue Zhao Yingjun "through" heart "I said is really" undercover "ace ace" Liu Yiwei and funny face the strength of Clay oven rolls "provocation", the "trump card" with ACE Zhao Yingjun sent a song played against, see his appearance, Liu Yiwei smiled and said: "you didn’t send me to fight!" Originally, Zhao Yingjun not only played Andy Lau’s friends in the "trump card" with ACE, also made a cameo appearance in the "me". The movie "I said is true" in the film "ace ace" funny "undercover" in more than one. Although Wu Yue is not the day on the stage to show off his skills, but also in the two film are shown)相关的主题文章: