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What kind of boy, grow up to be happy? A son to look at certain Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual regardless of whether or not we are willing to accept the social requirements for men are more demanding, so the boy home parents, want their children to develop the talent, may need to pay more attention. It is suggested that the mother of the boy can read well, because this article is likely to be of great help to you. This article will be the boy’s life in 0-6 years, 6-14 years old, 14 years old – age three main stages, and according to the three stages of development, the boy parents at this stage, the important role of parenting should pay attention to what issues of scientific analysis, and gives specific and feasible methods. How to raise a good boy? If the boys are properly trained, they can be great lovers, fathers and working partners, showing the good side of men: being able to take care of others and being stable. So how did the boys grow up? What should our parents pay attention to when they grow up? Psychologists who are concerned about the growth of boys have roughly divided into three stages. The first stage (0~6 years old) gentle childhood during this period, although the role of the father is also very important, but the boy is mainly dependent on the mother, because they need a lot of love and security. > > > > developmental characteristics of a boy or a baby when his needs are no different from girls. He needs to establish a close and tending his special connection, the tending is often the mother, the mother he needs most milk, comfort and embrace. This time the father and the child to play some games to make him excited, such as throwing high, high, riding on the shoulder, these are generally the mother will not do. As the children grow up, the difference between boys and girls will start to appear. Girls are more likely to recognize faces than boys. And the boys grew faster, from 2, when the age of 3 began to play will take up more space, like the use of items, like building blocks high. > > > > the role of the parent if the mother is the primary nurse for the boy, he will treat her mother as an example of intimacy and love. If the mother gently but firmly set the rules, not abuse or humiliation, he will accept these rules and progress quickly. Because he knew his mother loved him. If the mother likes to teach him to speak, his brain’s language ability will develop faster, let him more love and people. And the lack of interest or ability to communicate with others is the weakness of many boys when they grow up. If the mother often sad, lack of attention to the boy, the boy’s brain will change, become easy sad sad. If the mother is always angry, scolding him, he will confuse the mother whether love him, leading to the lack of a sense of security. The mother should accept the picture相关的主题文章: