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Business Spain is a fairly large country located on the southwest of Europe and has several cities that are home to breath taking sites and landmarks. The official language spoken in this exceptional country is Spanish also called Castilian. Spain has several cities that have their different tourist attractions and they all have a well laid infrastructure. Transport in Spanish cities is generally very good as there are efficient bus and rail systems. Transport is also offered by taxis and metros. Barcelona is one of the exquisite cities of Spain and apart from being home to one of the worlds famous football teams, Barcelona F C, it has gradually be.e one of Europes most popular short break destinations due to its location, vibrant street life, fascinating Gaudi architecture and superb cuisine. There are several five star hotels in Barcelona like the Princesa Sofia Gran Hotel which is located on the executive Diagonal Avenue and the Hotel Abbot which are expensive but the most popular with tourists in this magnificent city. There are also self contained fully furnished apartments that are the perfect alternatives for the expensive hotels. While in Barcelona there are many things you can do like wander up and down the Ramblas or visit the Sagrada Familia but whatever you do, make sure you watch a football match at FC Barcelonas Nou Camp stadium. While in Barcelona, you can also visit the FC Barcelona Museum and treat yourself to Spanish cuisine at any of the restaurants present here. Another popular attraction in Barcelona especially for children is the city zoo that has a great range of animals to see. Another marvellous city in Spain is Madrid which is also the capital city. There are many things you can do when in Madrid like taking a day excursion to Toledo where you will see the imposing fortress of Toledo which is the Alcazar and you will also see the synagogues of Santa Maria La Blanca and El Transito among other scenic sites. While in Madrid, you can also catch a Real Madrid F C football match at their home stadium, Bernabeu. The Royal Palace is another major tourist site that is widely visited in Madrid as well as the Prado Museum. Any time you visit Madrid, ac.modation should be the last of your worries as there are many luxurious world class hotels. The new Eurostars Madrid Tower that has thirty eight floors is one of Madrids new skyscrapers on the north of the city. Mallorca is another city in Spain that has scenic attractions and plenty of things to do. While in Mallorca, you should visit the Palma Cathedral and the Bellver Castle as well as the caves of Drac near Port Cristo. These are just three of the many cities in Spain that have numerous attractions and things to do as well as unlimited entertainment. Entertainment in Spain is wide and varied as it ranges from the impressive festivals that take place from the smallest city to the largest city. The Sunshine Tour is one of the most famous Equesterian event in Europe as the horse riding world .es together near Cadiz every February through March. Spain is best visited throughout the year though many tourists prefer to visit during summer. A visit to Spain is one that will be etched in your memory forever. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: