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Who do you think you are? (stir the whole circle of friends)! Sohu read this article, please click on the blue font above this "women’s diary A" and then click on the "attention", so you can continue to receive articles free of charge. Every day to share. Completely free subscription, please rest assured! A camel, hard across the desert, a fly lying on the back of the camel, a little effort would not have had come. Flies at said: "the camel, thank you for your hard to come my camel. Bye bye!" The camel has a look at the fly said: "when you on me, I don’t know, you go, you don’t need to say hello to me, you don’t have what weight, you don’t take yourself too seriously, who do you think you are? The famous performing artist Ying told a story. He grew up in a big family, every meal is dozens of people sitting to eat together in the dining room, once, he whim, decided to play a joke with you, before dinner, he hid himself in the dining room in an unmarked cabinet, want to wait until you can find when you jump out. Embarrassing is: we did not notice his absence, we leave, he was satiated, listless out eat from leftovers. From then on, he tells himself: don’t take yourself too seriously, otherwise it will greatly disappointed. Old Bi from the avenue of stars, Zhu Jun, can be seen, no matter what position you are in, no matter how important you are, in fact, you leave is not important at all, (who left who still live, than you have the ability to have the talent than you so we don’t There are plenty of people who, too loud, don’t Taidese. Not too high, not too arrogant, because this dying too soon. To be a man, do not be too assertive. Do not think you are cattle, without you, the earth is still turning away from this platform, you are nothing! Modest man, low-key work! It doesn’t matter how high you fly! Rui Chenggang was accustomed to himself with former U.S. President Clinton, former Secretary of state Kissinger, former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and so on are celebrities of the world a "old friend", so that the annual economic forum in Davos, will be called? Silk acid called "Rui Chenggang and his friends". However, when Rui Chenggang chained and thrown into prison when he spread all over the world of the "old friends" has disappeared, the old buddies is the loss of a supporter, it is poured down, the fickleness of the world. Don’t take yourself too seriously in the journey of life in a hurry you are just a passer-by in human history is even worse than a grain of sand and gravel components do not take yourself too seriously is a kind of self-cultivation a grace a lofty realm of a philosophical attitude is a state of mind a mature mind is a simple man with this mentality, can make themselves more healthy, more generous; work with this attitude, can make life easier and more practical; the attitude of life, can let the person love get along with you. Buddha said: rivers of water rivers thousands of miles相关的主题文章: