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Why did my sister go to the door and play 419 with honest brother? In "on campus" in the long term, and e-turn Cheng to maintain the body is the relationship between the world and saionji Kato Kuroda Hikaru and Koizumi Natsumi Otome, but the girl and brother had no feelings, but come to 419 relations. Exactly what the circumstances woman, and not based on feelings of the male sex relationship? [5] 419 reason first: relationship by 34.8% second potential wine: the atmosphere just 21.7% third: on the other side with 17.4% third (TIE): 17.4% lonely fifth: the other 8.7% according to the survey results, as it will occur 419 or social relationship with the boys of the majority of the people sure enough, alcohol on the brain, although not everyone live in the lower part of the body. The atmosphere is also very important, as it is prone to ogle each other this relationship. And the choice of other girls is because of their boyfriends’ dissatisfaction, so they want to look for people on the Internet. Or the other person is their former boyfriend, for a long time not to see the firewood fire. There are also people who want to retaliate society, and they have been treated unfairly before losing weight. But not over for what reason the 419 relations, 8 of women said not regret. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works.

妹子為什麼肯乖乖送上門,和誠哥玩419?在《日在校園》中,長期和伊籐誠保持肉體關係的是西園寺世界和加籐乙女,但黑田光和小泉夏美等妹子和誠哥沒有感情,卻自動送上門發生419關係。妹子究竟會在什麼情況下,和沒有感情基礎的男生發生這種嘿咻關係呢?【發生419關係的5大理由】第1位:借著酒勢 34.8%第2位:氣氛剛好 21.7%第3位:對對方有好感 17.4%第3位(並列):太寂寞了 17.4%第5位:其他 8.7%根据調查結果,因為酒會或聯誼而與男生發生419關係的人佔大多數,果然酒精一上腦,大傢都筦不住下半身了。氣氛也很重要,彼此眉來眼去之際很容易發生這種關係。而選擇其他的妹子,則是因為對男朋友的不滿,因此想在網絡找人劈腿。或者對方是自己的前男朋友,好久不見乾柴烈火。還有人是想報復社會,自己在減肥前遭受了不公平的對待。但不筦出於什麼原因發生419關係,有8成女性表示不會後悔。點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品。相关的主题文章: