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Why is the North Korean battlefield guard to Peng Dehuai "fired three shots" core tip: "you what is this alarm? Shot to the head, what guards ah?" Standing in front of a Guard commander in team, shouting, "to the head fired three shots, this is what nature?"   this paper from the Peng Dehuai data figure: people.com.cn, author: Dong Anlan, Wu Baosheng oral article, the original title: Dong Alan oral: death and guard Mao Anying Peng Dehuai shot ", excerpt ah, who shot Peng Dehuai! In the summer of 1951, with the Korean people’s army fighting bravely, I China people’s Volunteer Army headquarters from the gentleman in the resident forward, arrived at the warehouse – Hui volunteers in Korea after third. The Party Central Committee to close contact with North Korea battlefield, specially sent a team of elite communication teams assigned in the volunteer headquarters, which was named "eight team". "Eight team" is stationed in a mine is not far from the headquarters of commander Peng Dehuai. Peng Dehuai in command of the work in the busy day and night, often late at night to the "eight team", by ad hoc radio to the CPC Central Committee and Chairman Mao to report to work and consult. The command of the volunteer force is strengthening, and its security forces are enriching. At this time, the motherland sent a batch of new soldiers added to the front of the. I was the five company also accepted a number of new comrades. They are full of vigor and vitality, full of youthful spirit, only in the implementation of important vigilance task, no experience. The rain night gunfire sounded it was a heavy rain night, the sky is dark, it is unable to see. Only at the moment to guard Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., found in front of the swaying shadows of trees. On a hill not far from the headquarters, with me a post even five. Close to midnight, the new soldiers Kim in the veterans under the leadership of Li Shuangzhu in accordance with the provisions of pick up a watch, watch a way to "eight team" of the mountain trail. Although Li Shuangzhu is a veteran, but he just from the rear back rest soon, not familiar with the situation here. Kim is dignified and strong from the motherland of Jilin province has just joined the young soldier, though, enthusiasm is quite high, but the guard, but lack of experience in performing tasks. In this dark night, and they were on high alert It’s raining and blowing hard., how much a little nervous. After a while, small gold suddenly found a bright light in front. "Is the light of thunder, or……" Small gold to see clearly, is the flashlight light. In command of the frontier, is not permitted by the air defense regulations play flashlight in the night. Small Jin to class with Lao Li said hello. They are closely watching the distant scenery of the flash of a torch. The flashlight beam, and one, two, and three, rickety, bright death. Judging from the direction, it is clear that the headquarters of the big hole slowly moving. In accordance with the provisions of the regulations of air defense, Lee shot at the torch light over the "Ba" singing a gun, this is to ask each other to quickly extinguish the hand lightning, stop for inspection. May be due to the bad weather, the roar of thunder, unaware of each other, the light flashlight was burning, and more and more close to the direction of post. Some small gold chenbuzhuqi, "Ba" and singing a gun. Each other)相关的主题文章: