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College-University The higher education system in India has seen tremendous growth, particularly in professional programs. The traditional courses of higher learning is getting .petition from the new and innovation courses offering job guarantee just after .pletion. Unlike the traditional methods of learning, these professional courses not only provide learning of the subject but also develop the overall personality of the individuals. In addition, the booming economy and the .ing of newer industries facing management challenges requires executives adept with dealing with these problems. In India, there is a range of professional courses available for all industry types. For the media industry, there are courses in language and mass .munication. For the fashion industry, there are institutes offering programs in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Management issues are generally faced by all the sectors. The courses in business management therefore are in great demand. Almost all the sectors have management problems and there are specializations available for the same as well. Students in India prefer the business management programs as it gives them hope of a bright professional career ahead. MBA in India is one of the preferred career choices of students. Eligibility: Students can enroll for a management course in India after .pleting their college education. Whether from any subject background, technical or pure sciences, a degree from the Indian universities is required. Students also require passing the .mon entrance examination for entering into reputed management colleges of the country. .mon Subjects Available for Specialization in the Business Management Courses in India: Marketing Finance Human Resources Risk Management Operations Logistics Information Technology International Trade and Business MBA Colleges and Institutes: The MBA Colleges in India are either government-controlled or private bodies. There are also autonomous bodies offering innovative MBA programs. For the best courses in management studies, the Indian Institutes of Management are the ultimate choice. Students dream of studying in this elite group of management centers, which are 7 in number. The IIMs, as it is .monly known, are located in Ahmedabad, Indore, Kolkata, Kozhikode and Lucknow. The latest campus is opened in Shillong. Apart from these management study centers, some other reputed names offering business management are as follows: Xavier Labour Relations Institute in Jamshedpur Faculty of Management Studies in Delhi University Symbiosis Institute of Business Management in Pune Indian institute of Foreign Trade in New Delhi K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research in Mumbai Most of the MBA programs in India are full time and residential in nature. Some regular MBA programs are also of three years duration. Apart from these, there are various part time programs in management available to students. Most of the part time programs have classes during the weekend and holidays. Students who want to work after college can opt for these MBA programs. Balancing work and study is central concept behind these part time programs. In addition, the tuition fees in these programs are less as .pared to regular MBAs. There are also special programs for working professionals. Executives in the medium and senior level of management in need to update their skills can join for these courses. These courses are available online or are short duration residential programs. Online MBA in India is also catching pace and students now prefer these to regular MBA programs. The advantages of MBA programs in the country are it offers flexibility of timings and subjects. Jobs and Placements: The MBA programs in India guarantees jobs in the related industry. First time jobseekers will get a good position while already working professionals will definitely have a boost in their salary. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: